OpenVMS 9.2 for x86-64

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    VMS Software have been hard at work for many years porting OpenVMS from Itanium to x86-64 and recently was this work published with a Community License. OpenVMS 9.2 is purely targeted towards virtualized environments and the installation instructions cover Virtual Box and VMware/ESXi.
    I have it running under VirtualBox I am trying to get it to run on Parallels, of course, and have run into a problem that I would like some help with, please.

    The boot process for OpenVMS is that once booted it needs a serial connection to a console to proceed, due to historical reasons. In VirtualBox I can set up a serial port to the virtual machine that maps to a telnet port which is then accessible from my macOS terminal, and the same thing is needed for VMware and ESXi for obvious reasons. Thus, if I assign port number 4444 to the serial port in VirtualBox I can reach my OpenVMS with the command "telnet localhost 4444"

    Booting OpenVMS in Parallels works fine and I get to the point where I need to connect the serial port to the console but my problem is that I can not find a way to get this to work in Parallels. I have added a serial port under Hardware with port number "4444" and then tried with both "client" and "server" as mode but doing "telnet localhost 4444" results only in a "Connection refused" and I am stuck as there is no way forward unless I have a working console.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong and how I should do this instead?

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