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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by bhagiratha, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. bhagiratha


    Long ago when I used to have a windows computer I had a dual boot configue with windows and linux. I also had then, VMware installed on my windows partition and with this program I was able to have it access the linux drive and it was able to run linux without me having a create a virtual drive.

    Will Parallels ever have this sort of functionality? where it would be able to access another OS which is installed on a seperate partition without having to create a "virtual drive".
  2. afore


    Although not quite the same as what you are requesting, here is what I did. I originally installed WinXP on a virtual drive which was under ~/parallels-vm running Suse 10.0 as host OS. I then decided I wanted a separate partition, so I resized my ReiserFS /home partition (hda3), and created a new Reiser FS partition (hda5) with a mount point of /WinXP. I had to change the permissions so that users could read/write to the partition. Then I cloned my virtual WinXP under ~/parallels-vm to the /WinXP mount point. It went fine and I now have my WinXP on a separate partition. (This could be another drive) From reading the documentation, I don't believe you can do this with an existing WinXP installation as as a dual boot as the drivers for the network, video, etc. are not appropriate.
  3. Tommo_UK


    What about doing it with hardware profiles? Someone suggested it elsewhere. Would be great if you could manage to describe how to merge your method with that approach for a complete solution :)

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