OS X 10.6.2 guest under Parallels 5 experiences

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by xochi, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. xochi


    Issues I encountered using 10.6.2 Server as a guest machine under Parallels 5 (running under Mac OS X 10.5.8)

    * My 10.6.1 Server VM created under Parallels 4 didn't work under Parallels 5 (see http://forum.parallels.com/showthread.php?t=95654 ) so I had to reinstall.
    * After installing Parallels Tool, the guest VM always says "parallels tools not installed", though it seems to work (as tested via Shared Folders)
    * Drag and drop doesn't work from host OS to guest OS (workaround: use shared folders)
    * Parallels compressor doesn't work on OS X 10.6 guest HDs it seems.
    * Parallels Image Tool 5 doesn't seem to work, either (wasn't it possible to use PIT version 4 to compress an OS X VM HD?)
    * Video performance is slow... not suitable for testing OpenGL based apps.
    * When you go to Full Screen mode, the warning dialog artwork looks like Vista, even though you are running OS X.
    * if something goes wrong, booting the VM in Verbose or Single-User mode is not easy (see thread above)

    All in all, it works, but there is a lot of detail/polish missing....
  2. majortom


    Same problems for me. If I try to Unistall Parallels Tools the Uninstall button is like "locked" so I can try to solve problems installing over previous installations.
    OpenGL is terrible: Cinebench 10 is 4.800 in native OS X; 1900 in Windows and... around 480 in virtualized OS X. If most of OS X's graphics are based on OpenGL...
    Really sad as DirectX is 13.500 (3D Mark 2001) in native Win and almost 10.900 in virtualized Win (it was around 3.200 in PD 4).
  3. majortom


    OpenGL is very slow (480 in CInebench 10 vs 1.900 in Win XP and 4.800 in native OS X). By the way... DirectX is gorgeous: almost 10.900 (3D Mark 2001) in virtual Win vs 13.500 in native Win.
    Parallels Tools: no way to uninstall: the Uninstall button is freezed.
  4. Kevin Cossaboon

    Kevin Cossaboon

    Adding to the list, as I am see all the above, AND

    - When Networking is set to BRIDGE and the interface is a VLAN, there is no external connectivity. COnnectivity to host is established, and SLOW DHCP, but no ability to ping, or connect to resources off of the HOST.

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