Outlook Notifications not working when using Parallel Client on Windows 11

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DumitruU, Feb 7, 2024.

  1. DumitruU

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    I was wondering if anyone else encountered this problem.
    Scenario 1:
    I am on a windows 10 machine, that has latest Parallel Client installed, I remote into a server, and I have my emails open in the background minimised, and if I receive a new email, I get a popup notification in the Notification Centre, which is great.
    Scenario 2:
    I am on a Windows 11 machine, with the latest Parallel client installed, I remote into the server, with emails open in the background minimised, but whenever I receive a new email, there are no popups at all. Nothing has changed, all notifications are turned on and everything, both on Windows and on Outlook.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone knows a fix for it?
    Thanks and have a nice day!
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  2. MichaelG68

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    I am having a similar issue in Parallels with Windows 11 and the updated version of Outlook no longer showing that there is a new message on the badge. I am running in Coherence mode and can hear and see the Windows 11 notification of the new email but does not show up on the badge. If i happen to not be sitting at my desk and my application is not on Outlook, I no longer am tipped off that I have outstanding emails in my inbox.

    I have tried resetting notifications in both Windows and Parallels but it appears as though something is broke with the new version of Outlook and Parallels.
  3. TURKT


    Hello, we are experiencing a similar problem on the 25 Windows 11 Arm operating systems we have corporately. Even though the required setting for notifications is turned on, Windows Outlook notifications do not appear on Mac. We request your support to resolve the problem.
  4. Stefan22

    Stefan22 Bit poster

    Hello, same problem here.
    Macbook M2 Pro
    Sonoma 14.5
    Windows 11 VM
    New Outlook (for Windows)

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