parallel desktop requires activation key again

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AustinN2, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. AustinN2

    AustinN2 Bit Poster

    Hello, I bought the parallel desktop in 2014, but today , when I tried to use parallel desktop , it suddenly requires the activation key , and I can't find it.
    Now, I can not even open my windows VM.
  2. kat

    kat Product Expert

    Hi AustinN2
    If you go to and log into your account there My account> Subscriptions and Licenses>Personal Subscriptions> select the Parallels license in question the next page should give you your license key
    I hope this information helps.
  3. Elizabeth Anderson

    Elizabeth Anderson Bit Poster

    If you don't see your Parallels Desktop license on this page, go to Parallels Desktop for Mac > Legacy Licenses.

    • At Parallels online store -
    If you purchased Parallels Desktop from the Parallels Online Store, here is the link -

    • In an email or a box purchased from a Parallels reseller -
    If your copy of Parallels Desktop was purchased from a Parallels reseller, the key was sent to you via email, at the email address you used when you purchased Parallels Desktop. Please check the order confirmation email sent by the reseller to locate the key.
    If you purchased a boxed copy of Parallels Desktop, the key should be located inside the box.
    You could also get a box with a code and instructions to redeem it to get your activation key. Please see KB 123630 for more information.
    • If none of the above methods worked, contact Parallels Support and attach a copy of your invoice that includes details of your purchase.

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