Parallel Tools mouse driver not working after re-install of Windows XP Pro SP3

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Richard Cooke, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Richard Cooke

    Richard Cooke

    I was forced to fix a Windows problem by doing an "upgrade" of my Windows install with the same XP Pro install CD.

    Afterwards, most everything seems to be working right. But the mouse driver is not working right.

    Every time I run the Parallel Tools installer it claims it completed OK. But the mouse driver still does not work. It does not switch between Windows and OSX by itself.

    Very annoying. Any help or ideas appreciated.

    I put in trouble ticket #577573 too.
  2. VBR



    Follow the steps mentioned below and reinstall Parallels Tools accordingly.

    1. In windows click on start -> control panel -> add or remove programs, here uninstall Parallels Tools and kaspersky (Parallels Internet Security) if it is installed.

    2. After uninstalling completely click on start -> run and type cmd and click on ok (a black window should pop up on the screen).

    3. In the black window type cd c:\windows\system32\drivers and hit the enter button.

    4. Now type del prl* and hit the enter button

    5. Go to My Computer -> c: -> program files and rename the parallels folder to parallelsold .

    6. Restart the virtual machine

    7. After the windows is booted install Parallels Tools and then install Kaspersky (Parallels Internet Security) if necessary.
  3. Richard Cooke

    Richard Cooke



    As it happens, I found the HowTo for removing PT. And I decided removing and reinstalling was worth a try.

    So I did that from the control panel add/remove, rebooted, and reinstalled.

    And its working!

    I did not need to blast the low-level files as you suggest. The HowTo I read did not mention that step, by the way, might want to add it!

    So I'm back up and running.

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