Parallels 13 Windows 7 VM: Nothing happens at boot, Support misdiagnosis

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by ChadS2, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. ChadS2

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    Good morning,

    I spent hours yesterday attempting to resolve an issue with Parallels 13 & a Windows 7 guest OS: After starting the VM, it says "Trying to start from SATA Disk 1" and nothing happens. The problem remains if changed to IDE.

    Two Parallels Support agents misdiagnosed, even after taking control of the computer. The first sent an email which said "We understand that you are unable to start Windows 7 virtual machine and getting error message "Unable to connect to Hard Disk 1. There is no operating system installed". This is not what is happening. The second sent an email that said "We understand that you are unable to start Windows 7 virtual machine and getting an error message "Unable to connect to Hard Disk 1". Again, not what is happening. They also marked my case as "Normal", not "Severe". Odd, considering I can't use it at all.

    I called the corporate office in Washington, telling them the story and asking for someone to assist me. The corporate receptionist told me that there was no one in the United States and/or Parallels corporation that could assist, and I would need to call [overseas] support.

    The machine and drive are not encrypted. I have attempted to make a new virtual machine with the old drive; the issue persists. I have a call set-up with a supervisor. Per the attached screenshot, can anyone offer any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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  2. Danil@Parallels

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    Hello ChadS2, We are very sorry you had faced this issue. As scheduled by you, one of the supervisors will be reaching out to you at noon to look further into this matter and have it addressed. Also, the ticket severity has been adjusted accordingly.
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    Hello, I gad the same problem about year ago. Now it is ok
  4. EricB12


    I have the same problem.
    What is the solution ?
    Thanks for your help

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