Parallels 3.0 Running latest Jaunty crashes X to login after a brief load time

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by Dulakian1, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Dulakian1

    Dulakian1 Bit poster

    I am having a problem on Jaunty under Parallels (updated to the latest available build) when I login to Xorg. Everything loads, up to the gnome panels, and then it crashes and I am back to the login screen. I see a signal 11 in the Xorg log but no more detail that could give me any real idea of where the problem originates. I looked at all the logs on the system and can see nothing that indicates where this problem is coming from. I did a fresh install using the rc iso, and have updated to latest current several times since then. I have not installed the vmtools as they don't work with jaunty.

    I will post actual logs if anyone wants to see anything in particular. Is anyone out there experiencing the same issue?

  2. Mark Gilbert

    Mark Gilbert Bit poster

    Exact same thing here.
    You know, I'm sick and tired of parallels... It's been like this with every single new release of Ubuntu. It's supposed to emulate a PC but what kind of PC needs to be patched every time a new OS is released???

    I mean for gods sake, you can throw Ubuntu on practically any PC that's ever been made and it will run just fine!
  3. Serge abbott

    Serge abbott Bit poster

    Same problem here.

    I have the same problem 8.10 worked fine. 9.04 as it initializes X I get a band of squiggles which look like Ubuntu logo all skewed. Then I get to the Login screen look and works fine, but upon loading the desktop it resets X and dumps me back to the login screen.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Jorge Guerra

    Jorge Guerra Bit poster

    I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 as well, and like these people, I keep getting the loop login of death at startup. What the hell? Surely the people behind Parellel's will release some 3.0 update that is FREE and not charge some stupid fee to upgrade to some new version just to fix this issue. I'm still running Parallel's 3.0 last build, and I have no intentions on upgrading to 4.0. Heck, 4.0 doesn't even work either!
  5. Robert Cavey

    Robert Cavey Bit poster

    Xfce4 works

    Something common between Gnome and KDE crash the xserver.

    Just fire up a terminal and run "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" until someone figures out a fix. Looked like something possible with libglade but that might just be a non-revelant message.

    sigh... I was hoping to checking out the newer gnome and kde desktop on Ubuntu.
  6. Alan Kulich

    Alan Kulich Bit poster

    Can we get an official reply?

    Can we get an official reply on this problem from parallels?
  7. MartinO

    MartinO Bit poster


    I really need to be able to cross-test certain things cross-platform, but I have this looping issue - has anyone found a solution to this yet?
    Kind regards,

  8. ThreeRainDrops

    ThreeRainDrops Bit poster

    same here

    Just in case Parallels Desktop developers would attend this thread:
    I too face the same problem as described in this thread, and look forward to some prompt and happy resolution.
  9. jaxid

    jaxid Bit poster

    same problem here.

    fresh installation of ubuntu 9.0.4 without any problems. but AFTER the installation i'll get after any login just the login screen again.

    ubuntu 9.0.4
    parallels 3.0 build 5626 and latest build 5638

    this problem is now more then 3 month old! and will be discussed on many different forums without any solution / replies / hints from parallels!

    so, when will come out a solution for this parallels bug?! (native and in vm-ware ubuntu 9.0.4 works fine)
  10. ollixx77

    ollixx77 Bit poster

    Same problem here on Parallels 3 build 5638.
  11. sgodun

    sgodun Bit poster

    Same here, Parallels 3.0 v5638. Login window, desktop attempts to load, then goes back to login screen. Waiting patiently for Parallels to fix this.
  12. ollixx77

    ollixx77 Bit poster

    I switched to VirtualBox. Give it a try.

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