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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by veggiedude, May 31, 2007.

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    Did firewire support make it into Parallels 3.0?
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    I have exactly the same problem, even though I was able to go to my account and verify that my userid and password are correct.

    I called and got somebody in Sales, who was quite happy to take my order. He then transferred me to Customer Support (X-6402). All what I got is a message that their voicemail box is full.

    So, if you badly want it, you should call Sales and place the order over the phone.

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    Version 3 Comment

    I have been waiting for this update since the beginning of the year and I am happy to pay the modest upgrade fee. Thank you for a great product!
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    Just completed my order for the upgrade. We'll see how it goes... :)
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    Parallels Desktop 3.0 & 3D Games


    With the 3D support in Parallels 3.0, do you have to have a dedicated graphics card like the ATI x1600 or will games like Quake and Half Life 2 play in Parallels on a Macbook which has the Intel 950 graphics chipset?

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    Hello, Scott
    I think, you should buy dedicated graphics card, because Intel 950 graphics is too weak for such games.
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    Vista will be supported. With some limitations.
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    Are 64-bit operating systems supported with this release?


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    I think it should be said that with those games, even when in Bootcamp, a dedicated card is preferred. :)
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    If a game sucks for you in Bootcamp, it will still suck in Parallels 3. They don't have magic whiffle dust to turn a poor gaming video chipset into a great one. The big thing with gaming in version 3 will be to get Parallels performance close to Bootcamp performance. But since Bootcamp gives all your memory to Windows for the game, and Parallels still has OS X running in a good portion of your RAM, Parallels can't give you better performance than Bootcamp can.
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    Unfortunately not yet. Guest 64 bit support is coming later this year (as free update for 3.0 ofcourse).
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    Two more questions about 3.0 that I'm wondering about and have not seen described anywhere. Does v3.0 fully support dual core CPU's now and are there any previously unsupported Intel Virtualization features that are now supported, presuming that condition even existed?


    Nevermind. I found my answer elsewhere.
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    I have a couple of questions, too, that I haven't seen a definitive answer to yet. There have been lots of guesses and theories, but no definite yes or no answers.

    Does the 3D-graphics support for 3.0 support DirectX9 or even better DirectX10 (since the new MacBook Pros have the NVidia 8600 GT that supports DirectX10 and PureVideo HD)? I've seen lists of games that are supported, but they don't necessarily tell me if DirectX9 is required as someone mentioned that these games can fall back to DirectX8 if 9 isn't available.

    DirectX9 or 10 is required for Aero on Vista as well. Does 3.0 support that?

    Having support for DirectX9 would blow away anything Fusion does with 3D.
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    It does not support Aero. They have already said that will be the next release.
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    I can't believe no one has mentioned:

    W00T!!!! This has been a long time coming. I hope that it works in many Linux distros too, as I try out various builds in VM.

    Aero can wait, as long as it's free in a later 3.x release.

    (Oh, and I hope we get better Linux support, period. If it doesn't install, we have a bigger problem.)
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    Is this Vista and Bootcamp? If so, I'd be interested in how Parallels will skirt the activation issues. Can't wait for this release.
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    You guys crack me up... You act as if $39.95 is some huge price to pay. I'd lay odds that the majority of the people complaining about the upgrade price blew more than that on beer for the Memorial day weekend and we all know where used beer goes!

    Come on people... $39.95 is nothing for software offer this much power. Heck you can't even by a copy of XP for that legally.

    As far as bugs go... ONLY the USB has been buggy for me. Graphics, disk, networking have all been flawless. But then again I don't try to play Quake in my VM... It's a working environment.

    Having had experience with USB from a development standpoint I can totally see the issues Parallels is having. USB seems great but is a nightmare when it comes to drivers and plug and play. So cut Parallels a little slack on that. They are making an effort to get it working solid.

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    And how else would you do it with VMWare breathing down your neck? Would you simply sit back and say, oh gee... we are thinking of releasing 3.0 soon... Care to upgrade? No... What they are doing is common practice marketing... Book as many sales as you can PERIOD.

    I see NOTHING unethical in what Parallels is doing. They gave you a choice... Order now (pay money) to save yourself $10. Or order later... Or don't order at all. Not once did PWS autoconnect, download, and charge you for 3.0 without your knowledge.

    Many people in this thread are saying things like, I'm NOT paying another red cent until "such and such" is fixed. Did Parallels ever promise that "such and such" would work? I mean they offered USB support but I certainly cannot remember a single place where they promised that ALL USB devices would work. Hell I have an embedded PC at work running true/blue WinXP that is having USB problems with an industrial camera!

    As I said in a previous post... Parallels thus far as delivered on everything I expected and believed they promised. If there is ONE thinking lacking it is support and they have acknowledged that issue. But frankly for the price of $79.95 I would expect much support anyway. Many "shareware" products costing around this much are email support only and usually not very responsive when you do email. The fact that Parallels has this forum is wonderful. I hope they can really get support in line...

    I long ago suggested they pick say 20 of the Parallels power users and make them a team, much like Borland did years ago for it's compiler support. They called it TeamB. These people were fed a constantly updated list of bugs, fixes, procedures for work arounds and they were volunteers that serviced the numerous requests for help in the forums. All the TeamB people got was a free copy of the compiler of their choice.

    It would cost Parallels little to do this and would enhance the support given in this forums by 100 fold easily.

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    mark, you just cracked me up! very well said. it seems that those who purchased it recently are covered, so i don't get what the fuss is about. I purchased VirtualPC 6 about 3 months before VPC7 came out. MS sure didn't give me any breaks on pricing. All in all, i think Parallels is doing ok on their pricing stuff.

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