Parallels 3094 - Full screen on dual monitor setup

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by jcollot, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. jcollot

    jcollot Bit poster

    First time I put the app in full screen, there it was right where I wanted it on the second screen.

    Then, I launched Coherence, which is greatly improved btw, thx.

    However, since that point, I just can't get it to display full screen on the second monitor any more. I just reverts to the primary display even if I first put the app on monitor 2 then try full screening it.

    Any advice ?

    I'm using the very latest MBP C2D 17".
  2. WickDC

    WickDC Bit poster

    I just had the same problem and posted a "fix".

    Shut down and edit your VM. In the video manually add the resolution of the second monitor. When restarting with the launch window in that second monitor, it stayed there full screen like it used to.

    This is a change in behavior in 3094.
  3. jcollot

    jcollot Bit poster

    Sort of worked... now during boot if I go to full screen it does expand on the external monitor... After which it reverts back to the first monitor (with an ugly crop) automatically without me touching anything as soon as the windows login occurs.
  4. v.bampton

    v.bampton Bit poster

    I'm having the same problem. I love the new coherence changes when I'm working single screen, but when I'm working with dual monitors, I want the option to have windows on one and os x on the other. The rest of the updates are fabulous!!!!

    On the previous build, full screen would automatically fill whichever screen the window was on at the time, so windows would be on my external, with os x on my laptop screen. That was perfect! Now when I go into full screen, it literally takes up the whole of both monitors. If I go into coherence with 2 monitors attached, and tell it to ignore the mac dock, it'll fill MOST of the current screen, but leave a gap at the top for the mac menu bar (which is actually on the other screen). WickDC, I tried your fix, but it doesn't work for me. It's not a huge problem, it's just messy, and I preferred the way it worked before.

  5. sirris101

    sirris101 Member

    Bump! I'm having the same problem!
  6. rackbreaker

    rackbreaker Bit poster

    I noticed the same thing, but I seem to have stumbled onto a different workaround:

    1) Go to OS Window view mode and put the window on the screen you want.
    2) Go into Coherence Mode
    3) Once in Coherence Mode, select the View->Full Screen mode

    This seems to work for me most of the time; sometimes it hasn't worked but I haven't done an exhaustive test since I'm tending to use Coherence mode more often now.

    Don't know if it matters or not, but I have my Coherence settings set to "Use multiple displays" (View->Customize->Coherence tab).

    Hope this helps ... one other thing I noticed is this workaround seems to work most reliably if I enter Coherence Mode through the View menu, rather than the little Coherence icon. (I think ... hard to be sure, though.)
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2006
  7. Polyktor

    Polyktor Bit poster

    Having the same issue here. Really would like to be able to have parallels run on my secondary monitor full-screen.

    Neither "fix" worked for me. Hopefully the Paralells team will change this behavior back since it seems to be incorrect.
  8. marlasinger

    marlasinger Bit poster

    not working for me either, the workarounds that is.

    I was really loving the dual display - osx on my macbook and windows on the 21" external!!! worked AWESOME for my colouring in opencanvas....until these weird tablet problems and lack of dual monitor support.


    still, great updates.
  9. Redshark

    Redshark Junior Member

    Hopefully multiple monitor support will get added for Paralells. I have frequently asked for it in another thread ( and most recently requested to have it added because it would be a very nice fit to Coherence as many of you are also suggesting.

    I really hope mutliple monitor support gets added soon. It is one of the most popular threads in the WIsh List forum, yet we are getting no love from the development team at the moment so I encourage you guys to go give that thread some bumps too! Best wishes and happy holidays.
  10. sirris101

    sirris101 Member

    Multiple monitor support worked well in 3034.
  11. Daktari

    Daktari Bit poster

    I keep having the same problem, parallels will not display on the external monitor. None of the work arounds have worked.

    Please help!
  12. Gryzor

    Gryzor Junior Member

    I have the same problem, workaround doesn't work.

    MacBook Pro 15''.

    Other than that, each version gets better and getter.

    Keep up the great work!

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