Parallels[5580] Cohereance + Spaces = Annoying screen changes

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Public Beta' started by unused_user_name, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. unused_user_name


    Hello all,

    I decided to come out of lurking mode to report a bug. I've been working with Windows a lot more due to some requirements from work. When I use coherence I prefer to keep the start menu on the top of the screen.

    When I switch spaces, the start menu always remains on the screen, which is not annoying. Any time I mouse-over the start menu and a tool-tip pops up in Windows I am immediately switched back to the space where Parallels was launched. This behavior is VERY annoying. I tend to keep the mouse pointer near the top of the screen when I'm working to keep it out of the way, and this causes the screen to consistently change to the space that Parallels is in.

    I realize there are probably higher priority bugs, but it would be nice if this gets fixed.


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