Parallels 5600 + WinXP SP3 works OK (at least without BootCamp)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MartinBear, May 10, 2008.

  1. MartinBear



    Some good news for once:

    1. Backed up my VM configuration by using DiskUtility to create a disk image from the ~/Documents/Parallels folder

    2. Updated to Parallels 5600, reinstalled Parallels Toolbox, rebooted VM to WinXP SP2.

    3. Used Windows Update to download/install SP3. Veeeeery long process, but nothing exciting to report.

    4. Reboot VM to WinXP SP3 and (hurrah!) no problems.

    5. Defragment WinXP virtual hard disk with Windows defrag utility.

    6. Shutdown and quit while I'm ahead of the game...

    Hope your experience is the same.
  2. ruel


    i already upgraded to XP SP3 while using parallels build 5584 (no bootcamp). then i found out about build 5600. upgraded to build 5600. XP SP3 still works. Windows Media Player still doesn't play DVD movies and MPEG2 video files even with the new Parallels build 5600, but fortunately the new build doesn't also kill PowerDVD. I'm using PowerDVD5 to play DVDs and MPEG2s.

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