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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StéphaneG, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. StéphaneG


    I want to suspend my VM and Parallels 6 denies it because I have suposedely software that read/write NTFS disque/partition.

    So I did have ntfs-3G in the past but it is de-installed since a long time.

    I did my duty and removed the remaining of ntfs-3g from /system/Library/FileSystems
    I also removed the .NTFS-3G folder that was created on my NTFS partition.

    So how do Parallels 6 detect the installation of such "Software allowing reading and writing to NTFS partitions" .
    The detection is obviously wrong as I'm no more using such software.

    I have macports installed for some reasons, and there is some ntfs3G file in /opt/local that I'm not using at all.

    mdfind ntfs returns some fiel as well.

    --error message
    Moto XP uses an NTFS-formatted Boot Camp partition and cannot be suspended.

    Software allowing reading and writing to NTFS partitions has been found on your Mac. To be able to suspend Moto XP, remove any such software from your Mac.
  2. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers


    Please create a problem report and post it's number here.

  3. joevt

    joevt Kilo Poster

    Parallels should change the error message so that it lists the software that it found so the user has a clue what needs to be uninstalled.
  4. Artem Klimkin

    Artem Klimkin Parallels Developers

    Detection of "Software allowing reading and writing to NTFS" is done by simply looking for "*ntfs-3g*" (or "*paragon*ntfs*") like reciept files/dirs in the following folder :
    "/Library/Receipts" - for Mac OS Leopard
    "/var/db/receipts" - for Mac OS Snow Leopard

    If any file/dir name with such mask is found in the specified folder, we consider NTFS r/w software detected.
    To check your issue we need a problem report, so we can look at log file.

    In any case, you can disable BootCamp VM suspend checking, to do so you need :
    1. Open BootCamp VM configuration editor
    2. Go to "Hardware" section
    3. Open "Boot Order" item
    4. Write disp.allow_to_suspend_bootcamp_vm=1 to "Boot flags" section
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  6. Contradel


    What would happen

    Oops sorry please delete that. Can't edit.
    Anyways. Just wanted to ask, what would happen if you had NTFS driver and it suspended the machine? I'm using Paragon NTFS on my Mac and if I turn it off from the settings (it's a simple switch, did no reboot or anything) and i insert the suspend checking line, the suspend was working flawless. However I'm not sure I dare trying it with the NTFS driver on.
  7. joevt

    joevt Kilo Poster

    When you use a Boot Camp partition for a virtual machine, the Boot Camp partition is unmounted from the Finder as the virtual machine takes control of the partition's contents.

    When you suspend a virtual machine that uses a Boot Camp partition then the partition is remounted in the Finder so you can use the partition normally.

    However, if the partition is writable then any Mac application such as the Finder or Spotlight or whatever, can make changes to the partition (indexes and .DS_Store files, etc.). Even looking at the folders on the partition in the Finder can cause changes.

    When the virtual machine is unsuspended, it will not know of the changes that were made to the partition and may cause corruption as it's working with old cached partition information (file locations, contents, extents, etc.)
  8. Contradel


    I can see that would be problematic. However... Can't Parallels lock the drive up, just as you press suspend? Or maybe even disable NTFS software for you. Like I said, it's a simple click with Paragon NTFS. But I do see the problem with supporting other companies software.

    Guess I just either have to boot it up each time or disable NTFS while working inside the virtual Machine for longer periods.

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