Parallels 6, Windows 7 guest - tray notification behavior not as expected

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AustinUser, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Just upgraded to Parallels 6 today - seems a little faster. However, one small issue that has changed from P5...

    When using Coherence mode and selecting the option to display "notification area" icons (what we used to call Tray icons in the windows world) on the Mac Task bar, the notification area arrow that indicates other icons are available to view shows - even when the notification settings are set to "Always show all icons" in Windows. When shifting the OS to Full Screen or Window view, the arrow isn't present in the notification area - only when showing the Windows icons in the Mac Task bar. I've attached a screen shot to demonstrate what I'm talking about...hopefully this shows the issue and makes it clear.

    Again, obviously this is a minor issue, but it's an annoyance as it didn't behave this way in Parallels 5, and task-bar space is always at a premium. :) Hopefully this can be corrected quickly. Thanks!

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  2. Andrew @ Parallels

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    This is a design decision because even if you checked "Always show all icons" you still need this arrow to access "Customize..." menu to reconfigure your settings without leaving Coherence.
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    Thank you for the reply - I did see in the complete release notes I found here last night that this is indeed a design feature, and I completely understand how some may have the desire to modify their tray icon behavior "on the fly" without leaving Coherence.

    For the folks like me that don't require this, though, please consider making this functionality a user-selectable option in a future update. Perhaps it sounds rather nit-picky, but it really is a little annoying to have that selector there when you just don't need it. :)


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