Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop Review

Discussion in 'Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by neil4374, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. neil4374


    I wanted to post my thoughts on Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop.
    Firstly, I think Parallels Desktop is a great product. I cant say I have demanded or asked much of it but it works and functions well.
    Secondly Parallels Access is another great product idea. It works extremely quick apart from the video quality when playing on the ipad from the remote machine.I do have a feeling I can adjust my video acceleration to fix this.

    However, even though the apps are impressive I am disappointed that cut and paste doesn't work between the remote machine on the ipad and the ipad itself. I was told by the company that this was not a feature when it clearly states .....

    "iPad Native Copy and Paste

    Select and copy from your desktop, with one finger. Copy and paste between your desktop applications or between your Mac and Windows applications and your iPad apps!

    Copy there. Paste anywhere!"

  2. neil4374


    I also think the promptness of the replies from the support staff is worthy of a mention.
    However, there seems too many users on here with problems. Also many have views but no replies or offers of support.Do the support staff watch over these questions?

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