Parallels Access Stopped Working After New iMac

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by fatk1d, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. fatk1d

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    I installed Parallels access on my first iMac and it worked perfectly. I bought a new iMac, restored my data from time machine, and now the iPad application will no longer connect to my iMac. It times out and says, "Connection Failed". Anyone ever run into this? Yes, the agent is running just fine on the new iMac. Thanks.

  2. Looran@Parallels

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    Hi fatk1d,

    You would need to uninstall Parallels Access agent from your new iMac, remove the existing computer from Parallels Access on your iPad and then re-install Parallels Access on you new iMac to establish a connection.

    Follow the articles below for instructions:

    1. Uninstall Parallels Access from your Mac:
    2. Remove a computer from your iPad:
    3. Add a computer computer to Parallels Access:


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