Parallels Access: Unbelievably Intrusive and Aggressive Act of Parallels Company

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MiroslavK, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. MiroslavK


    I've been using Parallels for years but unless this annoying piece of code, Parallels Access, is removed from the install of the Parallels, I am asking for money return and switching to any other solution that doesn't install applications that I DON'T WANT.

    While I shouldn't need to explain why I don't want it, here are some reasons that Parallels might use in their "Post-Mortem" analysis of this terrible gaffe.
    1. I do have all sorts of Apple devices including iPads and iPhones, but I don't need to access my MacBook Air from iPad. I simply use the MBA when I need it.
    2. I haven't given approval to Parallels to control neither startup routine of my computer and even less external access to my computer.
    3. They are opening a channel to my computer that I don't need and that is not under my control.
    4. I don't like (nicely stated) to be pushed into subscription. This is way beyond what I agreed to when I bought Parallels.
    5. I don't do a business with companies that act aggressively.

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  2. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    I agree with most of that and I think that PD9 will be the last version that 98% of their customers buy and they all will switch to their competition. I know I am thinking of it and I haven't upgraded to PD9. After reading the problems and what it kills, I probably won't. Getting trial version of their competitor now.
  3. Mike Boreham

    Mike Boreham Kilo Poster

    Completely agree. I can't remember equivalent behaviour even from a cowboy outfit, let alone from what I thought was a reputable software company.
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  4. terryharpold

    terryharpold Bit Poster

    I agree -- this is a nasty piece of work. I've been a user of Parallels since version 1.0 and have been generally happy with the software and the support. But they've completely dropped the ball on this one. I didn't want this thing installed on my computer, I didn't want to register for it -- which apparently I have done -- and I don't want something I don't need and don't want running in the background, with goodness knows what security ramifications. That Parallels has posted no instructions on their KB for uninstalling Access is much more than annoying. Even if I manage to get this thing off of my Mac I will reconsider jumping on board the next time there is an upgrade.
  5. crctech


    Sorry but I recently switched from Fusion 5 and I would not recommend that anyone do the opposite and switch from Parallels to Fusion 5, don't know of any other programs, but IMO Parallels 8 and 9 are the better option to VMWare Fusion 5. I was thrilled to try Parallels Access, worked great in local network, but not so great from outside remote networks. The recent iPad Access update solved that problem completely. It is bothersome to not be able to de select auto startup on login, but all things considered, Parallels runs windows 7 pro 64 bit on my 2009 15" Mac book pro much faster than Fusion and without any problems, and now I can run my windows apps from my iPad from wherever I am. Free Access trial for 6 months and then like $80/Year, if you find anything better please let us know.
  6. Mike Boreham

    Mike Boreham Kilo Poster

    Parallels Desktop is indeed great, and for all I know Parallels Access may be absolutely brilliant too, but that is not really the issue in this thread. They shouldn't have foist Access on us without option.

    But kudos to Parallels for fixing it quickly, and good to hear Parallels Desktop is better than VMWare Fusion, (although personally I had no intention of switching because of this issue.)
  7. lotw

    lotw Product Expert

    The main reason that VMware has issues is the way they handle the CPUs. The new version Fusion 6 warns you if you select to give too many of your CPUs to the virtual machine, stating it will impact the performance of you host and possible virtual. They don't throttle usage as good as Parallels does. By doing that VMware get better CPU scores and performance of them, when not too many selected.

    I have always liked PD since I switched over, but with the current model the company is following is making me not to sure of it. Legally you are not allowed to put remote control software on a machine without the owners permission and they do. Then they dont let you not make it autorun the software at startup if you install it. Then they killed PM, which was better for 99% of the people here without warning, forcing the switch to the Yearly subscription model of software that is still a beta.

    I am hoping that they can turn it around and fix their problems, but from the comments from the support staff it, I am not confident of that.

    PA, shouldn't effect your system as much as it does, changing settings, window positions, etc. The only way you can sort of get around those issues is log in, change video back to normal res and run in desktop mode, that will fix desktop and finder issues, but apps still get screwed.

    So Parallels is better if you dont need a faster CPU based VM. For rendering and video compressing, or other CPU intensive program VMware is faster.

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