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Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by Scyanide, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Scyanide

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    Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this question but hopefully someone knows...

    I'm trying to see if it is possible to allow my MacBook to sleep and when I want to access it remotely using Parallels Access on my iPad it'll wake up. I know I have the option set in System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Wake for Wi-Fi network access. However, it does not seem to work as I would expect, least not with Parallels Access. Is this known? What would the best approach be?

    I'm asking because I'm going to be on trip soon and I'd like to leave my MacBook at home while I bring only my iPad. I know I'll need to access some of the data on my MacBook and figured this was a prime opportunity to really use Parallels Access. The thing is I would feel better knowing my MacBook is sleeping until I need it. I guess I could disable the screen and let it just sit there plugged in with power but hoping there is a chance I let it sleep until needed.
  2. Markgeg

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    I'am also very very much interested, without that functionality parallels access is very limited and useless
    Its not really good concept to disable energy saver on our comps
  3. Vistix

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    I also had the same problem and just found next solution. It worked for me, so i don't know for who else....
    Sorry for my bad English, but hope you understand it.

    I am using an iMac with Mavericks in my office and try to connect it with my iPad at home.
    1) If I let my iMac switched on in my office there was no problem to connect it at home with my iPad and Parallels access. Off course this is no solution!
    2) When I turned my iMac in sleep-mode, there was no possibility to get a connection via Parallels access.

    But it looks like that below solution is a work-around. Although it works for me..
    1) System Preferences > Engergy Saver > Computer Sleep: Never and every checkbox below checked.
    2) System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners
    3) Choose 1 corner
    4) Dropdown > Put Display to Sleep

    When I use this workflow to put my Display to Sleep (and not via Apple > Sleep) my iMac in the office remains online for Parallels Access.
    I agree, it is strange, but it works for me. I do not know for anyone else, but you can give it a try.
  4. Scyanide

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    I found a work around for when the computer is asleep. I'm at work now and can't get all the details at the moment but basically you'll want to allow OS X to wake over WiFi (or LAN if you have a desktop and it is connected via wire) ...from there you'll need to configure your router to accept the wake up packet (port 9) and forward that port to your computer on your network.

    There are plenty of apps for iOS that will allow you to send a walkup packet to your home network (may want to use some Dynamic DNS service to keep track of your home IP). Once the computer is awake then Parallels Access can take over.

    Sorry for the brief details but if anyone wants more details then just ask and I'll get back to everyone when I can. Hopefully that steered everyone in the right direction.

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