Parallels Activation - Key already in use by another email

Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by TimP6, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Hemnath@Parallels

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    Sorry for the delay. Please check our PM reply.
  2. prasannar

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    I am having a similar issue. I am unable to register the parallel 9/10 license. This is a case of reinstallation of OS. Apparently the count in account shows full utilization; but I dont have any instance active now. Please clear the same for me.
  3. It has been already done. Please check.
  4. ZacS2

    ZacS2 Bit poster

    I am having an issue where i had another work computer that had parallels installed, and must've not be deactivated. Now i cannot get connected to new parallels instance. Any advice? Thanks!
  5. Hi, we've made necessary changes with your key, please check the activation issue.
    And also you can use steps from this KB article for moving Parallels Desktop key to new Mac.
  6. Hi, we've received your email, please provide us with your license key in private message.
  7. Hi Maria, same issue for me. I have purchased the license last year but I am not able to get it enabled again because license is connected to another account.
  8. Hi, would you like to transfer your license to the new account? Could you provide us with your license key please?
    Check your inbox and reply.
  9. WilliamG9

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    I need to move my subscription to a newly activated account with a new email as the old email is not accessible. Thanks.
  10. Hi, please reply us back via the pm with your license key.
  11. ZIMZ

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    The problem that we have now, is that at moment of registering the license, we get the message that the license is already in use by another email address. I have checked with my manager, who requested Parallels for me, Dafont Showbox Adam4adam to check is account in case he has it registered, but he is getting the same message.
  12. raneekanthr

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  13. JeanneS

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    Hi - i need to speak to someone live to explain to me how to manage subscriptions i buy. I'm doing something wrong as they keep going under my individual account as opposed to my business account i manage for my department. thanks
  14. Hi you can post here any questions yo have or send us a private message or contact Parallels Support using this link.
  15. AlexS30

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  16. Hi, could you provide us with your license key via the private message. We will check it for you.
  17. Please I made a mistake of purchasing upgrade key of parallels. I thought it was an upgrade from trial version. What can I do?
  18. StevenL10

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    I haven't used my version of Parallels 11 for some time. The original Mac is no longer available but I'm pretty sure that Parallels was de-activated on it. When I attempt to install it on my new mac, I click Activate on this Mac and then I'm informed that I must purchase a new license. Is there anyone to get this version activated on this new Mac without having to purchase a new license?
  19. Hi, please provide us with your purchase order number.
  20. Hi, we've reset your key and you can activate your Parallels Desktop 11 now, but please note that the Parallels Desktop 11 is not compatible with the latest MacOS.
    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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