Parallels and memory problem; help needed urgently please!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Doody, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Doody


    Hi Guys, same problem; happened twice now

    I just installed Build 4560 and now can't get it to work. When I click the start button I get a pop-up window which says: -

    "Parallels Desktop failed to allocate the specified amount of memory. Please restart Parallels Desktop and try again.
    To avoid this problem in the future choose from the menu: Parallels Desktop > Preferences. On the Memory tab select the "Enable Virtual Memory preallocation" option".

    Well I tried several times; using max allocation and a lower allocation. I used the uninstaller and reinstalled but to no avail. Is this common, can anyone remedy this?

    I really need to get up and going as I have work to do!

    I'm running OSX 10.5 on a Quad 2.66 Mac Pro with 4GB memory

    Thanks in advance

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  2. jackybe67

    jackybe67 Kilo Poster

    How much memory did you acolated to parallels ?

    Mac osx 10.4.10 is latest version not 10.5 :)
  3. mrfearless47


    Did you reboot your Mac Pro? That's the first thing I do when I get messages like that. It asully cures most ills.
  4. Bit Poster

    I had the same issue. I ran Apple's Disk Utilities to repair disk permissions, and Parallels worked again. Give this a try and let me know what happens.
  5. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    how much empty disk space do you have?

    20% is best

    clones take a lot of space and are best put on an extewrnal drive

    Hugh W
  6. martinw


    I think I found the solution, at least for me. I had two VMs I copied from one machine to another and both gave this error after being copied. Now, go to Finder, select the folder that contains you VM, Get Info, go to permissions, check that you have read and write permission. Then, and this is the crucial part, click the little cogwheel and select "Apply to enclosed items". Then try again, and lo and behold, things work.

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