Parallels Better than Vista on VMWare Beta 2 with 3D Acceleration

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by shaneblyth, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. shaneblyth


    Downloaded the new release beta 2 with 3D acceleration of Vmwares Fusion
    Installed Vista Ultimate and there "tools" to see what it would look like on my 17"MacbookPro core2duo.
    I was not impressed frankly
    Vista is a piece of crap and even though Fusion is suppose to have 3D acceleration in the public beta now there are some things that when Parallels gets 3D sorted that I hope will be a ton better

    So whats wrong

    even though this has the top end video card and I allocated 1 gb of ram in Fusion when you open the windows DVD maker it just wouldn't .. why ? It says the video card was not up to it. It required DirctX 9 or above
    For some reason Fusions used DirectX 8.x not 9

    Pretty stupid really but there is probably a technical reason for it.

    Fusion lacks all the nice things we have access in in Parallels. I couldn't get the 17"widescreen to be filled up properly which was pretty crazy.. black panels down doth sides of the screen. No CoHerency mode.

    The reason why I have written this post is to let people know that under Vista if you think using Fusion your going to get nice 3D accelerated everything .. forget it... maybe later but it isnt there.
    The other reason is I am hoping that the Parallels team will be aware of the short comings of Fusions current 3D and especially Vista video drivers, lack of glass or even access to the DVD maker software and make sure they go all the way and do it once and do it right.

    One other bitch. I cant believe what a bunch of idiots Microsoft are.
    They try to copy stuff off OSX like iDVD and iPhoto and come up with crappy alternatives that are very lacking in even the basic features and then to top it off you cant even open the DVD making unless you have a high end video card. That is just plain stupid. I work in IT and have done for years with PC's and Vista makes me cringe. I'd rather use XP any day of the week. It is so confusing, stuff seemingly scattered through the system in different locations and in illogical lists. Xp at least is clean and even with it's faults it is easy to get around. The more I use Vista the more i realise it is a half baked mismash of ideas thrown together in a seemingly incoherant way
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  2. meatlocker


    "The more I use Vista the more i realise it is a half baked mismash of ideas thrown together in a seemingly incoherant way"

    Huh. Not unlike your entire post.
  3. rcardona2k


    I second that.

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