Parallels Browser Isolation: Updates Summary

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    Parallels Browser Isolation Availability (12 March 2024)
    We're proud to announce Parallels Browser Isolation, a cloud-native Browser Isolation service.

    Parallels Browser Isolation provides a secure way to access web applications, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and other cloud-based applications, right from your favourite web browser on your laptop or desktop.  

    Fast, easy onboarding and management:
    • Modern, web-based management portal.
    • Rich, at-a-glance dashboard view of registered users.
    • A frictionless onboarding and management experience that's simple and easy to use.
    Security based, cloud-native architecture:
    • Robust security with unique control & data isolation.
    • Unique and flexible architecture that improves security through remote browser isolation.
    Zero Trust:
    • Designed from the ground up to never assume trust and continually verify identity for uncompromising cybersecurity.
    • Ensuring secure access to SaaS and enterprise web apps is crucial as organizations adopt public SaaS solutions and need to protect their data even when managed by external vendors.
    System management:
    • Easy to use management portal.
    • Publish apps and configure policies in a quick, easy, and intuitive manner.
    User management:
    • Cloud-based identity & access service authenticated via Open ID Connect (OKTA, Entra ID, Google, etc.).
    • Parallels My Account integration for administrative access.
    • Rich, at-a-glance dashboard view of registered users.
    User experience:
    • Bring your own browser to access PBI.
    • Superior end-user experience and productivity.
    • No infrastructure setup or any sort of tool installation is required.
    Known issues
    To access information on known issues and their resolutions, please refer to the article: Parallels Browser Isolation Known Issues
    For any assistance or direct support inquiries, please reach out to our support team by visiting Support | Parallels Browser Isolation

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