Parallels Bugging Internet Connection Whilst Running

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    In interest of full transparency here I'm still a relatively new macOS user and fairly unfamiliar with UNIX-like systems.
    Current system: Late-2022 MacBook Air M2 w/ 16GB RAM & 512GB SSD running macOS 14.1.1 and the latest version of Parallels (as at 12th November) hosting a Windows 11 VM running on the Insider Programme Beta Channel (previously running the stable release channel) on the latest build.
    Issue replicated on the following: Consumer wireless and wired network running WPA2 Personal, consumer wireless network running WPA3 Personal, enterprise wireless network running WPA2 Enterprise, Cable Matters USB-C hub (known good, using ethernet), Netgear USB-A (3.0) 802.11AC Wi-Fi adapter.

    Whenever "Parallels" is launched or actively running in the background macOS reports full internet access through its NIC, however trying to load any webpage or internet-based content results in the request loading forever before timing out (any ping commands run in Terminal return with "Request timeout for icmp_seq [request number]"). This will happen until the application is entirely closed when webpages and ping requests start returning as per normal.

    This wasn't a problem on macOS 13 in the time I've been using it, however it has become a major problem that started occurring the day macOS 14 released. The problem seems to be that Parallels takes complete control over any NIC connected to the machine for its own use, yes I've replicated this issue on three different networks, using both wired and wireless USB adapters. A 'complete' (by macOS standards) uninstall and reinstall has reproduced the same issue, with Parallels unable to even complete its initial setup due to the lack of internet connection.

    Note: the issues seems to be temperamental, it happened consistently when macOS 14 came out, and for the weeks after that, however it seemed to resolve itself until it reappeared in the last few days.

    If anyone here has found this issue I'd be interested to hear how you have, or haven't resolved it.
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    Hello Nicholas,

    To aid us in troubleshooting this further, please collect a technical report while the issue is being reproduced (click the Parallels icon > Help > Send technical data > check "Attach screenshots..." > press Send Report) and send the report's 9-digit ID in reply to this post.

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