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  1. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    Dear Beta-Testers,

    New beta build of the coming free update for Parallels Desktop 3.0 is available.

    What's New in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Beta (Build 5570)
    • Primary OS support - Leopard compatibility improvement
    • Virtual devices - USB devices compatibility improvement (including Blackberry)
    Bugfixes and improvements in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Beta (Build 5570)
    • Primary OS support
    o Parallels Desktop installer hangs on Leopard - fixed
    o Can't install Parallels Desktop on Leopard when Internet Sharing is enabled - fixed
    • Stability and resources usage
    o Parallels Desktop hangs with spinning ball when trying to start VM after changing virtual memory amount - fixed
    o Several kernel panics during VM startup - fixed
    o Guest Vista goes to BSOD being idle - fixed
    o DOS16M (16 bit DOS extender application) crashes Parallels Desktop - fixed
    o Guest Vista fails to sleep and goes to BSOD - fixed
    o Fatal error when executing some command line utilities in Windows - fixed
    • Coherence
    o Multiple problems with Spaces - fixed
    o Crash while minimizing window in Coherence - fixed
    • SmartSelect and Shared Applications
    o Problems with opening files with UNC path - fixed
    • Disks and folders sharing
    o Sometimes Windows disks can't be mounted to Mac desktop - fixed
    o Error message appears when saving files with OSX browser directly to mounted Windows disk - fixed
    • Video and 3D
    o Several applications compatibility fixes
    • Parallels Compressor
    o Windows 2000 hangs after executing compressing stage and restart - fixed
    • Parallels Explorer&Mounter
    o Can't mount shared virtual machine disk to Mac desktop - fixed
    o Can't mount HDD image using Mounter in command line - fixed
    o Incorrect definition of free disk space - fixed

    Known issues in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Beta (Build 5570)
    • Stability and resources usage
    o Problems may occur when suspending a virtual machine with running OpenGL application
    o Mounted USB device may seriously increase CPU usage
    • Suspend/Resume
    o Slow suspend and resume still may be noticed on Leopard
    o BSODs on resume still may occur
    • Virtual devices
    o CD tray on Mac Pro may react non-properly on Eject button
    • Coherence
    o Small artefacts in Expose' may appear
    • Parallels Tools
    o Parallels Tools Center sometimes may use 100% CPU after drag-and-drop operation
    o Sometimes clipboard synchronization doesn't work
    • Shared Applications and SmartSelect
    o Sharing Mac Applications may not be turned off
    • Video and 3D
    o Windows Media Player doesn`t work in IE on Vista
    • Parallels Transporter
    o Vista Boot Camp migration via network may fail (if Vista launched in Parallels Desktop)

    You can join the Beta program on our website -
    The current open beta version of the program is available here -

    Please keep the Beta-related discussions in this dedicated forum section. We appreciate your constructive feedback on our Beta software, please keep you discussions on-topic and your posts will surely reach us.
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  2. pupomaha


    Thank you for the speedy turnaround on another beta!

    Regarding this feature:

    o Can't mount shared virtual machine disk to Mac desktop - fixed

    mac os: leopard
    guest os: windows vista
    pd build: 5570

    I cannot verify this as fixed. After upgrading to the latest beta to try to solve this exact problem (present in the current release and in the last beta), I still cannot mount my virtual machine disks to the Mac desktop. As a result, SmartSelect does not work as I am unable to open files within the VM with applications running on the Mac (the known "unable to open file" error and the "macfuse cannot connect to vm drive" appear to be one and the same).

    I have completely uninstalled, re-installed, and tried the latest macfuse.

    I confirm these errors still exist in the console, and I believe this is related to the problem.

    Nov 28 12:57:27 Io [0x0-0x33033].com.parallels.desktop[465]: fuse: invalid argument `'

    Any more suggestions?
  3. mjs


    Thank you, I can confirm that this is fixed.
  4. thebutch


    Hello all

    This post says that the latest build available is Build 5570 Open Beta:
    - The download page says that the build is indeed 5570;
    - The filename of the downloaded disk image is Parallels-Desktop-5570-Mac-en.dmg;
    - The installation package shows 5560 in its splash screen;
    - When installed and running, "About Parallels Desktop" shows Build 5560...

    Am I missing something?

    Anyway, my network problems I had since my Leopard upgrade seems gone now.
    Keep up the good work !
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  5. Wally_Mac


    Have just installed Parallels Desktop v3.0.5570 Beta and observed the following:
    Downloaded File Name: Parallels-Desktop-5570-Mac-en.dmg
    Install Welcome Screen indicated v5570
    Install Release Notes Screen indicated v5570
    After Installation, the "About" screen indicates:
    Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac
    Build 5570 Beta (November 23, 2007)

    Everything "appears" OK thus far....
  6. BenInBlack


    Do the new beta require different licensing, In the past when i would beta it didnt, but not sure what the current state of beta program is.

    I sent in application to be on beta never heard back, but this says open beta.

    well bottom line is i would like to try the beta on leopard using my paid for key and when I install subsequent betas and release version, I dont skip a beat and have to deal with 2 keys.

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