Parallels Desktop 3.0 Build 5580 Release Candidate

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Public Beta' started by Archy, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. Archy

    Archy Super Moderator

    Dear Beta-Testers,

    New RC build of the coming free update for Parallels Desktop 3.0 is available.

    What's New in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Release Candidate (Build 5580)

    • Primary OS support - Leopard compatibility improvement
    • Virtual devices - USB devices compatibility improvement (including National Instruments)
    • Shared Applications and SmartSelect - Option 'Remove SmartSelect file associations' during Parallels Desktop uninstallation added

    Bugfixes and improvements in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Release Candidate (Build 5580)

    • Primary OS support
    Leopard support - improved
    • Stability and resources usage
    Suspend and resume are extremely slow on Leopard - fixed
    Parallels Desktop hangs with spinning ball during suspending process - fixed
    Parallels Desktop crashes during long work in Coherence - fixed
    Several fatal errors during VM startup - fixed
    Guest BSOD after resume - fixed
    Parallels Desktop crashes during Fedora Core 6 booting - fixed
    Guest OS/2 Warp 3 hangs during installation - fixed
    • Virtual devices
    CD tray on Mac Pro closed itself right after ejecting from guest - fixed
    Parallels NAT and Host-Only network adapters cannot be configured after wake up Mac from sleep - fixed
    USB floppy drive doesn't work in guest - fixed
    USB flash drives don't work in guest - fixed
    Some other USB fixes
    • Parallels Tools
    Unicode symbols are incorrectly displayed in console of Linux guests - fixed
    • SmartSelect and Shared Applications
    Windows applications can't be started via icons in Dock or from Recent Applications list - fixed
    • Disks and folders sharing
    Problem with opening and saving file with spaces in name to shared folder - fixed
    File located on the mounted Windows disk can't be opened with Windows applications - fixed
    • Video and 3D
    Parallels Desktop crashes when trying to start Vista default games - fixed
    Several applications compatibility fixes
    OpenGL fixes
    • Parallels Explorer&Mounter
    Parallels Explorer can't find virtual machines stored in /Users/Shared - fixed
    Can't drag-n-drop alias files from Finder to mounted virtual disk - fixed
    Sometimes Explorer shows that virtual disk is empty - fixed
    Eplorer crashes when drag-n-drop folders to the empty column in Column view - fixed
    Can't copy files from Finder to mounted virtual disk when VM is running - fixed
    Saving files downloaded by Mac-side internet browser to mounted virtual disk - fixed

    Known issues in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Release Candidate (Build 5580)

    • Stability and resources usage
    Mounted USB device may seriously increase CPU usage
    • Coherence
    Small artefacts in Expose' may appear
    • Parallels Tools
    Parallels Tools Center sometimes may use 100% CPU after drag-and-drop operation
    • Shared Applications and SmartSelect
    Shared Mac Applications may not be turned off
    • Video and 3D
    Windows Media Player doesn`t work in IE on Vista
    • Parallels Transporter
    Vista Boot Camp migration via network may fail (if Vista launched in Parallels Desktop)
    • Applications compatibility
    TypeIt4Me causes unexpected operations in guest Windows

    You can join the Beta program on our website -
    The current open beta version of the program is available here -

    Please keep the Beta-related discussions in this dedicated forum section.
    We appreciate your constructive feedback on our software,
    please keep you discussions on-topic and your posts will surely reach us.
  2. brkirch

    brkirch Kilo Poster

    With this build I noticed that restoring to a snapshot when a OpenGL/DirectX program is running in Windows doesn't always work correctly (sometimes the Parallels Desktop application will crash, or report that the VM monitor crashed). Other than that this build has been quite stable for me so far.

    I have one suggestion to make though, regarding SmartSelect. There should probably be an option (that is on by default) to give a warning before starting a VM to run a Windows application. This warning could also give the option to run the opened file through the default Mac application, and give the option to reset the file association back to the Mac application as well. This would prevent the frustration of having Windows start up unexpectedly in cases where a Mac application is expected to start, and would make it easier to correct associations that are not wanted with Windows applications.
  3. tbo


    SmartSelect not working

    Hi, either I have not seen the correct button or something went wrong: After updating from 5570 to 5580, the speed improvement is enormous. Thanks for fixing this. But my Mac apps have completely disappeared in Windows. I can use Win apps from the Mac, but not vice versa (folder sharing is enabled, though). So after choosing Applications > Mac Applications > Populate -- nothing happens. Any ideas?
  4. AlanH

    AlanH Kilo Poster

    Nice work! That's fixed the BSOD-on-Resume problem I had with the previous betas, and it has also fixed the build 5570 screen flashing in Civ4. I'll continue to test with it.
  5. octane


    What is the status of "True" dual monitor support in this RC build? It's obviously a requested feature already, but I haven't seen much confirmation of it's development in my search of the forum (maybe I didn't look hard enough??).

    Can anyone from parallels comment? This feature is essential to the work we do in our office. Thanks in advance.
  6. roba72


    I'm seeing the same thing. I can't populate my list of Mac applications in Windows, and they don't show up from the Start menu as they used to do. No other problems I can see---I have no problem seeing my Mac folders from Windows. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Parallels Tools, which doesn't do anything. Apparently the Parallels Tools Installer is supposed to pre-populate the list of Mac applications, but it doesn't seem to be doing its job.

    I'm running Windows XP Pro 2002 SP2.
  7. K-Dee

    K-Dee Bit Poster

    5580 made me reactivate my Vista VM. Unlike the last time where I had to call Microsoft, this time I could activate over the wire.
  8. tbo


    5582 fixed it

    The issue with the missing shared applications ist fixed with today's Build 5582. Thanx.
  9. slimemold


    Whoa, how'd you get 5582? I don't see it on the beta download page.
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