Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac Build 9308 is available!

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  1. tacit_one


    Dear Users,

    Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac build 9308 includes changes that improve performance and enhance compatibility.
    This update is highly recommended for all users of Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac.

    Updates for Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac are available via:

    - Parallels Desktop in-product updater
    - Parallels Desktop download page -

    This build includes the following new features and enhancements:

    - Improved USB mass storage performance.
    - SMP Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 virtual machines migrated from Parallels Desktop 4 may crash on startup - fixed.
    - Black screen on startup in Windows 2000 virtual machines that support the Intel EPT technology - fixed.

    Windows guest operating systems
    - Improved resume from suspend in virtual machines with multiple monitors assigned.
    - Accidental keyboard problems when switching between applications if several virtual machines are running in Coherence or Crystal - fixed.
    - Switching to the default space when clicking Windows Start Menu in the Crystal mode - fixed.
    - Improved performance of file access via Shared Folders.
    - Problems with switching to Coherence or Crystal in a multi-monitor configuration with a USB-to-DVI/VGA adapter driver installed in the virtual machine - fixed.
    - Problems with switching to Coherence or Crystal when Parallels Desktop is on the display attached to a different graphic card - fixed.
    - Time zone synchronization in the Windows 7 guest OS - fixed.
    - The Visual Studio debugger hitting breakpoint on applications launched in the debug mode when running in Coherence or Crystal view modes - fixed.
    - Overlapping of menus appearing on right-click and left-click in Crystal mode - fixed.

    Linux guest operating systems
    - Parallels Tools support Xorg 1.7 in Fedora 12 virtual machines (experimental) - new!
    - Parallels Tools support Mandriva 2010 (experimental) - new!
    - OpenSUSE 11.1 installation media auto detection - new!
    - A non-writable Desktop folder created during the Express installation in some distributions - fixed.
    - Problems with the Ubuntu 8.04 x64 guest OS booting after the Express installation - fixed.
    - Problems with non-operational right mouse click on some versions of Gnome - fixed.
    - Possible hangs during Parallels Tools re-installation - fixed.

    Mac OS X Server guest operating system
    - The ability to pass kernel options to the Mac OS X Server guest OS - added. To do so, enable the "Select boot device on startup" option in the virtual machine configuration: it will enable you to specify the necessary kernel options in the 5-seconds timeout before booting the kernel.

    User Interface
    - Very slow Parallels Desktop 5 startup on some computers - fixed.
    - Artifacts in Quartz animation after applying changes to Undo Disks and some other actions - fixed.
    - Visual artifacts when switching to Full Screen in some machines - fixed.
    - Possible application crashes when switching to the Crystal mode with VoiceOver turned on - fixed.
    - Problem with quitting Parallels Desktop via Dock icon > Quit when Virtual Machines List is not closed - fixed.
    - Problem with some dialogs staying in background when accessed in the Crystal view mode - fixed.

    Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger host operating system
    - Parallels Desktop may crash on startup in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger host OS - fixed.
    - Possible problems with connecting USB devices in Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger host OS - fixed.

    3D & Video
    - Improved video playback performance in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    - Windows Aero is now available by default for machines with Intel GMAX3100 and GMA950 graphic adapters (some MacBook and Mac mini models)
    - Vertical synchronization is now configurable. You can configure these settings using the corresponding option in the virtual machine video configuration page.
    - Black screen blinking in Windows Aero in SMP systems - fixed.
    - Visual problems with the Battlestation Pacific game running on NVidia adapters - fixed.
    - Improved 3D performance for the Mirror's Edge game.
    - Possible texture corruption in Autodesk AutoCAD - fixed.
    - Possible guest crash in Autodesk Inventor running on Windows XP - fixed.
    - Possible crashes of the Torchlight game - fixed.
    - Visual artifacts in Quicktime 7 on ATI video adapters running in the WDDM mode - fixed.
    - Possible crashes in the Microsoft Train Simulator game - fixed.
    - The Mass Effect game crashes on startup - fixed.
    - Visual artifacts on "water" in the Spore game - fixed.
    - Accidental crashes in the Portal game on the GMA950 graphics adapter - fixed.
    - Accidental crashes in the Unreal Tournament 3 game -fixed.
    - Problems with OpenGL applications startup in Full Screen in multi-monitor configurations - fixed.
    - Blinking when working in the Topogun 1.05 application - fixed.
    - The Final Fantasy XI game compatibility issues - fixed.
    - Problems with the Counter Strike 1.6 game in DirectX rendering mode - fixed.
    - Corrupted images in Anatomage InVivo - fixed.
    - Video quality problems in some video players on Windows 7 - fixed.

    Parallels Transporter
    - Improved performance of virtual machines migrated from VMware Fusion to Parallels Desktop.
    - Disabled Aero in the Windows 7 virtual machines converted from VMware Fusion 3 to Parallels Desktop - fixed.
    - Migration via the Parallels USB cable when the source computer's USB port is a USB 1.1 port - fixed.

    KB article with update description:

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  2. William Jewell

    William Jewell

    9308 won't install

    I keep getting the "Conflicting Applications" error while trying to install the update. When I run the uninstaller I get the "Parallels Desktop is currently running" error but Parallels is stopped. Any ideas?
  3. devilcat


    Has the BSOD on AppleMNT.sys with XP fixed yet?
    I am holding off upgrading till it does.
  4. IanO


    Parallels not showing up as a running program

    I had this same experience. It turned out that Parallels wasn't stopped. When I "started" it again my window's XP session miraculously re-appeared. Then I could shut it down and continue.
  5. IanO


    Parallel Tools fails to complete...

    I get this error trying to install parallels tools after upgrading...

    "Failed to install parallels Time Synchronization"

    Now I can't switch to the "Coherence" mode. I don't know if they are related but something is not right....
  6. IanO


    Parallels Tools Installed.

    I stumbled on the solution to my problem ("Failed to install parallels Time Synchronization" after upgrading). I used Add Remove Programs to uninstall Zone Alarm. After that Parallels' Tools would install. Then I re-installed Zone Alarm.

    A couple of symptoms.

    The program Icon in the task bar for Zone Alarm would not launch the dialog to configure Zone alarm. It would only show something to the effect of "Initializing UI".

    From the Device Manager Vsdatant would not start. The error was "Circular Service Dependency".
  7. William Jewell

    William Jewell

    It still won't install

    Parallels is stopped, I tried running the installer after I restarted my computer. I even tried installing it in safe mode but still get the same error. This is fairly frustrating.
  8. Gene Mak

    Gene Mak

    Since upgrading to this release, my Windows 7 VM constantly flashes the task bar. Doing so also causes the focus to be transferred to the Windows 7 VM. I have a Windows XP VM that does NOT have this issue.

    It's discouraging to have a new release cause issues. From what I can tell from other threads, I'm not alone with this problem.

    Parallels team, any help? I've unchecked auto hide and I've selected Hide Windows task bar. I've tried other combinations to no avail.

  9. William Jewell

    William Jewell

    I've tried uninstalling 9220, to the point of removing all the preferences and copying the VM's to another drive. I even ran a permissions repair. I downloaded 9308 again and ran it but I get the same errors. I had no problems reinstalling 9220. This is getting aggravating.
  10. John Haley

    John Haley

    I have the same problem with "Conflicting Applications". Did not receive any support.
  11. William Jewell

    William Jewell

    I have had support from Siva Krishna Priya.K, Support Engineer, but nothing has worked.
  12. rjthorsen


    Same Problem: Cannot Install "Conflicting Applications"

    The installation goes as far as "Preparation" but then stops and tells me to quit ten Parallel applications (see attached screen shot). There are NO Parallel applications running that I can find...

    How can I finish the installation for the application I just paid for? I tried running the un-installer, but it tells me Parallels Desk Top is not installed.

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