Parallels Desktop 7 with Lion Guest Crash Repeatedly

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by simonma, Sep 1, 2011.

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    I have uninstall PD6 and installed PD7 on my Late 2009 27" iMac today.

    I created a new VM for my Lion from the recovery partition. Fresh install from internet thru apple server and installed a 10.7.1 VM.

    However, I got a few stability problem.

    1/ The dock keep on restarting if I click on a folder (like Application Folder that I create a shortcut there) every few times.

    2/ App Store crashed and Update crashed when I click on the "downloading" dialog box or somewhere inside the app.

    3/ The whole VM is comparatively more sluggish (in screen refresh and folder display) than Windows 7 guest.

    These were with and without the Parallels Tools installed.

    The VM config is simply default settings except I assigned 1 core, 64GB HD and 4GB RAM for the session. The Host is running Lion 10.7.1 with 16GB RAM 2.8G i7 (no antivirus, no firewall enabled, just a few Lion compatible apps installed).

    Anything I can do ? I upgraded to PD7 simply for OSX in VM. Please help.
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    I have this problem too and have not found a fix - it seems like a bug that will require an update to parallels.
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