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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Dr.Tech, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. RavemaniaR

    RavemaniaR Junior Member

    The part I just don't get is why make us pay 79 for PD6, then another 49 for the upgrade, while PD7 is available for 79...the least Parallels could do is reward their customers by lowering the upgrade cost (I'd love for it to be free, but clearly that's not going to happen).

    That said, I'm not even sure if the Parallels team is looking at this thread and internally debating existing customer feedback. Very, very disappointing.
  2. Jeaz

    Jeaz Junior Member

    This is quite off topic, but, BSODs are in my experience caused 90% of the time by memory issues. How much of your 32GB are you dedicating to Windows? Have you tried changing that amount? Does the blue screen give any detail? If you do run it with 1 CPU, do you get the same problems?
  3. Kenneth Holley

    Kenneth Holley Junior Member

    Good thought, Jeaz. I'm run the Windows guest(s) configurations set with varying amounts of memory ... in addition, early on I did a full RAM test on the Mac and things are clean on that side. The issue only occurs when running the guests with more than 1 CPU.

    I reopened this issue with PD support yesterday after discovering it still exists within PD7 - unfortunately I'm getting the same old "resolution" from them: run the guests with 1 CPU. Of course, that is NOT a resolution, it's simply an unsuitable proposed workaround.

  4. Jeaz

    Jeaz Junior Member

    Quite annoying indeed. Found a thread here on the forums with several other having the same problem, and Parallels don't seem to be able to fix the bug. Guess I'm lucky to have avoided the issue.

    Hope someone over at Parallels finally sort this for you.
  5. mrutter

    mrutter Member

    Hi guys.

    I have the same problem here when I use more then 1 CPU in my VM (Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit - both PD6 and PD7 - Mac OS X 10.6.8).

    Hi agree with Kenneth when he writes: "Parallels: We SERIOUSLY need to have this issue resolved - it's been present since the introduction of PD6 ... enough is enough!"

  6. KarenE

    KarenE Bit poster

    Don't even bother ....

    If your doing ok with P6, I would not recommend upgrading yet. After switching to Lion OSX, P6 worked just fine. I paid for the P7 upgrade, it has been a nightmare!

    There are many problems, such as 'crashing' on numerous occasions; DVD/CD error message (can't use in Windows 7 side, did work w/P6); POOR performance, both Mac side, Windows 7 side (I have a newer MacbkPro which has run perfectly well and is well equipped!); all software is up to date, on both sides. Other little problems here and there (don't even remember them all at this point.

    For quite some time this morning, I was on Chat w/tech support, two different times.
    I followed the instructions I was given. The first person, seemed to have 'some' idea although I was told to do uninstalls/reinstalls, same garbage results. They 'escalated' the problem. ... well, still waiting to hear back from someone.

    Needless to say, I didn't get much work accomplished, when I'm in Windows, the programs are working TERRIBLY SLOW ....frankly, I want to be reimbursed for P7, until they get this up to par, I can't work with such so many problems....and I don't want to have to do the entire uninstall WIN7, reninstall programs, etc....(that's another huge headache with Microsoft), I'm actually considering VM or just go to bootcamp.

    Very disappointed customer.
    Wish everybody luck!
  7. jpoprock

    jpoprock Bit poster

    I agree. It seems like I just shelled out $49 to upgrade to V6 not long ago, and now another $49? No way. Version 6 is working fine for me... and doubt I'll be blown away by the $49 improvements in V7. I'd be all over $29 though. Parallels is probably the best there is, but I don't like how they "feel" as a company. They feel very "Non-Mac" and almost as if they are not USA based. They definitely don't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. They have a very "cold and almost robotic" approach to customer service. Plus, I think their website is very bloated and way too driven by "search engine tech support". If it weren't for user input, we'd all be doomed.

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