Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac Build 18305 is available!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by alev, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. alev

    alev Parallels Developers

    Dear Users,

    This update for Parallels Desktop for Mac (build 8.0.18305) addresses overall stability and performance issues and includes the following new features:

    Windows 8 support
    - Support for Windows 8 one finger swipe gesture to display the application menu, list of running applications, and Charm Bar.
    - Easily launch Windows 8 applications from the shared applications folder in the Dock.
    - Windows 8 system notifications are displayed as Mountain Lion notifications.
    - Fixed visual artifacts when launching Windows 8 applications.
    - Launch Windows 8 applications on small displays from the Parallels icon || when Windows 8 is in Coherence.
    - Improved visual process of switching Windows to Coherence.
    - Easily access your OS X applications from the Windows 8 Start Screen.
    - Protect Windows 8 from viruses with Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 that can be downloaded from Parallels Desktop.

    - Full speed support for USB 3.0 devices
    - You can now assign up to 16 GB of memory (RAM) to a single virtual machine.
    - Support for Windows Server 2012.
    - Xorg drivers for Ubuntu 12.10
    - New, more intuitive design to optimize Windows for working on Retina displays.
    - Easily check the reclaiming disk space progress with a new progress bar.

    Updates for Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac are available via:

    - Parallels Desktop in-product updater
    - Parallels Desktop download page -
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  2. Larsen


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  3. sdsolomon


    Mountain Lion Dictation still not fixed with 18305

    The Mountain Lion dictation feature, which was operational in the VM in the first release of PD8, was broken in 18101 and still not fixed in 18305. This is amazingly disappointing given that this is being advertised as a feature of PD8 and is one of the reasons that I upgraded. Extremely disappointing.
  4. juzci

    juzci Guest

    could you please describe in details what exactly is going on with dictation? You trying to use it, and just nothing is happening inside the guest OS?
    Also would be nice to have a Problem Report right from the moment of non-working dictation: start it, say something, and after that send us Problem Report as described in and give me an ID.

  5. sdsolomon


    I have reported this problem before. Mountain lion dictation works fine on the MAC side (hit Fn twice). Within the VM, however, NOTHING happens. No popup comes up. I filed a new problem report 19251119.
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  7. BennettD

    BennettD Bit Poster

    When I'm in full screen mode, I'm seeing random z's typed into spreadsheets and the start menu. They're not coming from me, they're coming from gestures. Given more time, hopefully I'll be able to reproduce the issue exactly.

    I'm only using full screen because I'm having problems with coherence. I'm unable to bring windows in front of other windows. Let's say I have Excel open and a web browser. I'm using the web browser, its in front of Excel. I click on Excel. It stays behind the web browser. I alt-tab, I click and drag the title bar. I am unable to bring Excel in front of the web browser.

    Oh yeah, let's not forget that app expose is still showing recent VM files instead of the VM's windows.
  8. BatmanX

    BatmanX Bit Poster

    This is not restricted to being in full screen mode. I'm seeing the same issue in windowed mode. I can trigger the input simply by moving cursor around while windows has focus.

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  9. sdsolomon


    I had similar issue with random letters when typing, and strange dialog boxes coming up in Word and Outlook (on VM side). I have downgraded to 18101 build and this issue has gone away.
  10. BatmanX

    BatmanX Bit Poster

    Uninstalling Parallels tools also gets rid of the phantom typing problem but obviously not an ideal permanent solution.
  11. BatmanX

    BatmanX Bit Poster

    I think I've figured out how to trigger the phantom typing for me at least.

    On the trackpad of my Late 2011 13" MBA, touch the absolute bottom of the trackpad and using another finger touch trackpad to do any pointer movement. It triggers for me because when using the trackpad, I rest my thumb on the absolute bottom to click trackpad and use my index finger to move the pointer.
  12. BennettD

    BennettD Bit Poster

    Using what you've supplied here, I can make this happen repeatedly now. If I put my finger above or below the touch pad on the metal of the mac and drag my finger up or down (left/right doesn't do it) I get z's.

    (From above swiping down)

    (From below swiping up)

    Well, with that identified and hopefully someone monitoring feedback, hopefully we see a quick turnaround on a patch.
  13. KenVMguy

    KenVMguy Bit Poster

    Phantom typing of z characters in Build 18305

    I installed the new PDM build last night on my 2011 15-inch MBP running Mtn. Lion 10.8.2. The random phantom typing of "z" characters when touching the trackpad is incredibly annoying. Hopefully we will see a patch for this soon.
  14. Roman Fattakhov

    Roman Fattakhov Parallels Team


    Parallels Desktop Engineering team is aware of the Z and C keys issue, the issue will be fixed in the next Parallels Desktop update.
  15. DanJunkel


    Revision 18305 had strange new behavior. Sliding my finger from MacbookPro aluminum body to the edge of the touchpad generated a z-keypress. Sometimes a c-keypress was generated, depending which side of the touchpad I touched. Let's see who else finds this behavior.

    Downgraded back to 18101 and the problem disappeared. It was pretty diffucult to write program code when there were extra characters popping up into the text. ;)

    Also some Windows dll:s that earlier worked, refused to work properly after the update. (Could of course be something else, too.)

    I'm running Windows XP on Parallels Desktop. My OS is Mountain Lion. MacBook Pro is a year 2010 model.
  16. BennettD

    BennettD Bit Poster

    18314 Is Out

    18314 is out and has resolved my 'z' problem.


    Build 8.0.18314
    (Revision 813278; October 31, 2012)

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