Parallels Desktop 8 with OS X 10.9

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by KenRoser, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. KenRoser


    I have not been able to determine if Parallels Desktop 8 will function on OS X 10.9, Mavericks. The release notes for version 8 indicates "experimental" Mavericks support was added in June, 2013. Is this support now official? Will my Parallels 8 software run on OS X 10.9.
  2. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi KenRoser,
    Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac works on Mac OS X Mavericks but does not take advantage of new Mavericks features.
    The only version of Parallels Desktop which is fully compatible with 10.9 is Parallels Desktop 9.
  3. RobertFJ


  4. Havard Risvaag

    Havard Risvaag Bit Poster

    What in particular are we missing out on when not using PD9 and Mavericks?
  5. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi RobertFJ,
    I looked through the ticket and the engineer said that the latest build of Parallels Desktop 8 "addresses the most OS X Mavericks compatibility issues", meaning that you can start and run Parallels Desktop 8 on Mac OS X Mavericks.
    And yes, please update to the latest build of Parallels Desktop 8.

    Parallels Desktop 8 will run on OS X Mavericks (as the host), but Mavericks will not run (as a guest OS) on Parallels Desktop 8.
    You can run Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac on OS X Mavericks and shouldn’t have issues, but you won’t have the benefit of all the new feature integration (of Mavericks into Windows programs), unless you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 9.
  6. RobertFJ


    Thanks, Andrew.

    I updated my MacBook Pro to Mavericks last night and PD 8 runs just fine for my needs; I use it to run Win 7 which allows me to VPN in to my work PC since I was having issues going directly to my work PC from my Mac; I really don't need the feature integration for this. However, I will be upgrading to PD 9 to start using these features for other tasks. Thanks again for clarifying the limitations of running PD 8 with Mavericks; I'm sure this information will help other PD 8 users as well.

  7. BCsalmon


    Still am uncertain what "feature integration" we are missing out on? Seems like there should be a list prepared by Parallels detailing this. I just need to launch into XP to run some technical Windows-only programs, connect to windows mobile hardware peripherals, etc. Sounds like it will go okay, but vague on the details.
  8. Chris@Parallels


    HI BCsalmon et. al..

    We are updating the general product pages with the new feature set on the website. If you go to: and click on What's New, these are a few of the newest and most requested features in PD9. Version 9 was designed to take advantage of the newest features of both Mavericks and Windows 8.1. Our marketing team will continue to updates feature sets as we make enhancements.

    Andrew and I will try to update as we find out more.


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