Parallels Desktop 9 and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite (as a guest OS) compatibility

Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by Andrew@Parallels, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Rebecca_Kirner

    Rebecca_Kirner Bit Poster

    Just found the fix for the problem. I can again drag items across from one OS to the other and now open doc, docx, excel files from Yosemite.
    Fix can be found here
  2. Henry_Vinandy

    Henry_Vinandy Bit Poster

    Does anyone have any problems with Microsoft Office???
    I loaded Yosemite for my Mac last week, I have Parallels Desktop 9 and windows 7. My office documents are on my windows machine and my Microsoft Office is on the Mac. Since switching to Yosemite I cannot open office files from windows. Word and excel will start when I click on my files, but the documents will not load. Is this a security or sharing issue. Has anyone else had this problem. Before loading Yosemite I was able to open all word, excel files with no problem. If I move the files to the Mac side they will open normally......

    Can anyone help me?

  3. Ricky Riccardi

    Ricky Riccardi Bit Poster

    So am I assuming that this has NOT been fixed yet?? I wish to run Yosemite as a host in parallels version 9 on mavericks. I refuse to purchase an upgrade, as this software is 6 months old for me and i already spent a ton of $$$ on a macbook with the needed software.
  4. Thomas Borman

    Thomas Borman Bit Poster

    Over the years, Parallels has been going to the paid upgrade well too often and for too much each time. I fired them over the Yosemite forced paid upgrade (having been a customer since version 5) and have been finding VMWare to work as well (better in some ways). BTW, for those of you who see a sense of entitlement in this position, I work in software and know first-hand and over long experience that there are better ways to make money from it, ways that don't annoy your customers.
  5. Shane Gore

    Shane Gore Bit Poster

    I too feel their upgrades are not fairly priced or overly fair. My upgrade to version 9 went on sale and I decided to buy it. Almost right afterwards they announced version 10 and sent me emails asking to upgrade AGAIN. I decided that was my last Parallels upgrade. Ridiculous.
  6. M.B.

    M.B. Bit Poster

    especially when you have a look at their POOR SUPPORT! I've complained several times about the lousy performance of Parallels 10 running Yosemite as guest under Yosemite as host. It's nearly unusable! Got one single answer from Parallels pointing me at a well known site which I've known before and of course DOES NOT SOLVE the problem. They are just ignoring this...for me it was my first and my last version of Parallels. Next time I will go for VMWare Fusion.
  7. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    @M.B. - this forum thread is about Parallels Desktop 9 and Yosemite. As I see you are talking about version 10.
    Also, I could not locate any tickets created with Support. Please start a new thread and/or send me a private message so that we create a ticket for you and see what's wrong and how we can help.
  8. Helge Becker

    Helge Becker Bit Poster

    Well Andrew - performance is abyssal with PD 9, 10 and 11 when using a Mac OS guest. I wonder what any ticket will help after you didnt fix your software for over 2 years, but I have such a ticket.
  9. TeamSK



    BRISSOT Bit Poster

    after a one day of perfect working of parallels 9 with bootcamp on Yosemite (10.10.5), I had to use migration assistant of Yosemite from Mac mini to macBook air which created a core storage structure for the disk.
    I erased the OsX partition and restored it from time machine ==> no more core storage.
    Since this moment I can no more see neither the OsX partition nor the servers on LAN from bootcamp when using the virtual machine of parallels.
    When booting from the bootcamp/ Win7 partition, the osX partition and the servers are readable.
    Should I reinstall my parallels desktop ? will it be considered as a new activation ? Can I deactivate parallels desktop on my previous Mac mini ?
  11. TristaJ

    TristaJ Bit Poster

    If I'm running Mac 10.9.5, what version of parallels should I buy?
  12. FlavioB1


    Hello everybory,
    I have a macbook yosemite 10.10.5 and a long time ago, I installed the parallels 6 for mac. But today I've tried install the parallels 6 for mac, but it is not possible to install in this OS version.
    May you help what is necessary to do in order to star use the parallels?

    Tks a lot.
    Flavio Berti.
  13. ManojK@Parallels

    ManojK@Parallels Parallels Support

    You can purchase the latest version of Parallels Desktop (i.e) Parallels Desktop 11 as your Mac OS X version is 10.9.5
  14. ManojK@Parallels

    ManojK@Parallels Parallels Support

    You need to purchase the full version of Parallels Desktop 11 as this the best version as of now to use Parallels Desktop on Yosemite.
  15. MRS1

    MRS1 Bit Poster

    Not sure this is the correct forum:
    Is it possible to migrate my old, soon to be decommissioned MacBook 2012 to a Parallels Desktop VM and run on my Macbook 2016? Both are running Sierra 10.12.6. There are several apps there I want to continue to run as long as their licenses are still valid.
    Could I restore a Time Machine backup directly into a Parallels Desktop VM and then run it?
    Thanks, Mark
    [added - I no longer have the install media nor access to the install source for these few apps.]
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  16. ParallelsU130

    ParallelsU130 Bit Poster

    Just to let everyone know:

    There is a maximum level of Mac OS that each version of Parallels supports installing. For example, with Parallels 10, it's Yosemite.

    However, assuming that you have the installation install image**, although Parallels won't create a new VM if it's later than the maximum, you can upgrade an existing VM's OS FROM WITHIN THE VM ITSELF. In such a way, I've upgraded from Snow Leopard to El Capitan, then Sierra, each time after duplicating an existing VM so I could have all three. And all from Parallels 10.

    (Do note that High Sierra breaks this, and you may need the current version of Parallels to create a HS VM.)

    it's good practice to download each new release from the App Store even if you don't install it; you can either store the image on your Mac or copy it to another disk, or even delete it as it will still show up under Purchases in the App Store and can be downloaded again anytime, even after it's superseded by another version of Mac OS.
  17. usmanr

    usmanr Bit Poster

    It actually seems to be working, which is a first for a new OS. But it was crashing my UI repeatedly. Not 100% sure on this, but turning off retina mode, lowering graphics to 256mb, and disabling 3D has seemed to stabilize it. It I will just be the latter disabling the 3D that did the trick. We'll see. Parallels engineers are usually pretty quick to get us fixes for betas which I love.
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