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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by WebbDe, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. WebbDe


    Hi - now that Mavericks has fixed full screen to natively support what Parallels used to do - I would like PD9 to follow along. Full screen now leaves the menu-bar and disables swiping between desktops or more correctly never permits it to be enabled I guess. If I turn on 'use all displays in full screen' it uses the native full-screen, however it appears to stretch windows across them all but does not show them on any but one.

    Is this still being worked on or is this the intended final behavior? If the latter please consider this a strong vote against. The current behavior might be a nice option in some cases since I can drag things on top of the VM however in other cases (such as switching between two VM's full screen on the same display) its a pain to have to use the Window menu.
  2. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    Can you better describe what you're seeing in "use all displays in full screen"? I have a W8 VM on my external display, it is set to full screen, along with "use all displays in full screen" and it looks like it works quite fine. I'm mainly annoyed that my dock auto-hides itself from the MacBook display when I click inside the W8 VM on the external display. But it comes back when I click back to the MacBook display and I suspect this is linked to some yet incomplete support in Mavericks (DP6).

    Also there is another annoying behavior in that setup: I can drag from OSX (Macbook display) and drop on W8 (external display). But it looks like in that "use all displays in full screen" I cannot do the reverse (drag from W8 external screen to OSX Macbook screen). Those files seem to vanish (don't find them anywhere - to at least, did not yet found them somewhere).

    Are these along the lines of your own experience ?

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