Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. peeInMyPantz


    how did u solve that? can give more details?

    sorry.. just realised that yours was a different issue
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  2. patrickmast


    Oops.. a bit too fast.. Now it took just a little bit longer before my whole system hung. No Panic, just unresponsive.


    Patrick Mast, Inc.
  3. tehnomaag


    Add Cmd+R mapping too

    Transparent mapping of Command-AZXCV key combinations

    Very nice feature! But since I use Parallels mainly for web development and testing IE, then mapping Cmd+R (quick for browser refresh) would be very welcome as well.
  4. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    You can easily use F5 for IE refresh...
  5. Gaijin


    3 Issues

    Great feature set! I love it. Just some bugs to squash:

    (note -- I'm on iMac 24")

    1. My BootCamp installation is now totally screwed up. XP hangs on the black screen asking me to choose between configurations. Or maybe my USB keyboard no longer works there, I can't tell.

    2. Coherence mode displays strange fonts, as other 24" users reported. It's unusable, and hurts my eyes.

    Also, in switching to full screen mode, color scheme reverts to 8 colors, so I have to readjust screen properties every time I switch modes. Also, resizing the Parallels window doesn't resize the XP itself: the XP continues to run in the same size, surrounded with black space.

    3. Can't boot from inside Parallels into my FAT 32 Boot-Camp XP partition. I'm not going to convert to NTFS: issue # 1 is a good example of why I keep a Mac-writable XP backup!
  6. CJConline


    Alternative to Windows bootcamp/parallel activation issue

    Hi Guys,

    Great work and great feature list team.

    1) Please, please is it possible to just have read/write but not bootup access to the bootcamp partition from a regular parallels Windows VM, that is have the bootcamp partition just seen as another (asignable) drive letter eg say like the E drive, similar to a mapped network drive (but without the hugh performance hit mapped drives). It would allowed shared access to data within the two Windows environment but without the WIndows activation issue when switching between bootcamp and parallels. :p

    Basically I still have some programs that I need to run that can still only run under bootcamp and all others will happily run under parallels. However, I need disk read/write but not boot access to the bootcamp partition. That way I can install the different programs to the same partition but either under bootcamp or parallel, depending on where they will be run.

    I was hoping that this is what the following bullt point in your release was indicating but it is not clear: :confused:
    * Read/Write BootCamp partition. Since this build, an Apple Boot Camp partition with Windows XP installed could be used as a virtual HDD for Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    2) Please also consider providing direct acces to the Mac partition like MediaFour's Mac drive. My experience with shared folders and mapped drives is that it is very slow.

    Thanks guys. Keep up the excellent work. Just wish I could switched to the product but without a fix to at least one of the above, it won't work for me.

  7. Cyrealm


    It's good to see a move on the Parallels front to integrate the Bootcamp partition, however I'm going to wait before I use it on my bootcamp partition. I need to wait until the fat32 bug is fixed anyway. The issue of having to re-activate XP on the bootcamp partition when using it in Parallels has me concerned as well. Once you re-activate it when using Parallels are you going to have to re-activate XP on the bootcamp partition again if you decide to reboot normally and not use Parallels? I do have a legit XP pro on the bootcamp partition. I may have to wait a bit longer until that issue is resolved before letting Parallels touch my bootcamp partition. Meanwhile, I will continue to use my XP Home VM with Parallels like I have been doing. It will be nice to eventually use the bootcamp partition under parallels though.
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  8. AkitaOnRails



    I successfully used my bootcamp partition from inside Parallels. But now I have another issue. When I boot through Bootcamp (natively) I use Macdrive to access the data from my HFS+ partition. But now Macdrive loads up and doesn't find any Mac partition !!! I happened after I installed Parallels Tools. Does anyone had the same thing? Is this a bug in the parallels tools? Is there a workaround? I will miss Macdrive a lot if it became incompatible with Parallels.
  9. bcjenkins


    Boot Camp usage


    I read through the thread and didn't see the answer yet. I just got a new MBP, partitioned the drive 3 ways.

    Volume 1: Tiger
    Volume 2: Leopard
    Volume 3: NTFS (XP Pro SP2)

    I installed XP, then Apple drivers, then Parallels Boot Camp package. Rebooted into OS X to launch Parallels and was asked to reactivate Windows. This seems to mimic what others are seeing. Is there a fix? Would you like more info? The XP Pro is retail version.

    Thanks in advance
  10. itsdapead


    Look in Parallels Tools under windows - in the Coherence section there is a "task bar auto adjust" button. Turn this on and the task bar will move around the screen to avoid the dock.

    Alternatively, just drag the task bar by hand - I think it makes most sense at the top of the screen, just under the Mac menu bar.
  11. cesjr


    internet down

    with the new beta, my network connection is down, can't get Firefox or explorer to open a webpage. I never had a problem with this before in Parallels.
  12. jbrowdy


    Me, too

    Because of how good Parellels was when I trialed it, I never botherd even installing bootcamp on my new MBP. But, given the new features, I think it may be worthwhile to have BootCamp installation, and use that with parallels. The problem is, I would rather not simply erase my Parallels VM and start re-configuring from scratch. So, as in the quote above, I am wondering if it is possible to work backwords- use my VM to copy over to a new bootcamp insall, and then use Parallels to acces it?

  13. Erich


    I also found that installing the tools breaks MacDrive. This and the XP reactivation problem make this release unusable, in my opinion, at least for a Boot Camp-installed OS.
  14. Erich


    And again, in my experience and in that of others, this is not true. I've followed the instructions from Parallels exactly and installed Parallels Tools for Boot Camp. Now every time I change the boot method from Parallels to Boot Camp, I get the reactivation message. Reactivation then fails, and I have to call Microsoft.
  15. Erich


    In my case, installing the Parallels Tools also renders MacDrive unusable when XP is booted via Boot Camp (i.e., not in a VM).
  16. lt.milo


    Zune compatibility.

    Hey, I have a microsoft zune and paralles on my new imac. I have had troubles running my zune software through parallels. Will this update help the zune compatibility or do I need to run bootcamp?
  17. timon


    Hum, I thought when I built my bootcamp test using NTFS, which has since been deleted, I was able to both read and write to it from OSX. I'll do that again on Monday.

    The question I have though is there anyway to transfer the VM build to the bootcamp partition? That would make it much easier since one would not have to completely rebuild XP and reload all of the applications.

    I would love to think the request I made on 11/6 to allow Parallels to run a bootcamp partition got Parallels working on it;) . If that did they shure put it together fast, 23 days would be some fast programming job.

    As many of you know I've been hard on Parallels about the issues they have with MS Access and support. It's good to see they have been working so hard on Parallels but sad to day reports are, I've not checked it my self yet, the MS Access problem has not been fixed:( . I hope they can get that fixed before they release the next non-beta build. Time frame anyone?

    They one good thing about these new builds at least for our Access problem is that I can have my programmers using one partition so they only have to go to bootcamp when working on the Access programs.

    Great job Parallels:)
  18. dhjdhj


    I haven't tried the new version yet - I'm at the point where Parallels on my machine has become sufficiently critical to my workflow that I can no longer consider it experimental and take the risk of it breaking.

    So some questions about this coherence mode - it sounds like this mode means that a single windows app can run "outside" of the VM window.
    1) Can you have more than one windows app at a time?
    2) Does coherence basically hide the Windows desktop?
    3) Do MS apps running on the Mac desktop have Mac Windows behavior, i.e, are the Windows apps parented inside Mac windows?

    (A screen shot or two somewhere would probably answer all of the above :)


  19. clbell


    This is a great release guys. I do have one request. I would like an option to turn off the new auto updating dock icon. I know many will love the feature but I would like the ability to turn it off.
  20. vamp07


    I assume you still need to in stall the standard parallel tools after installing the boot camp parallel tools package?
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