Parallels Desktop for Mac internal build 1966 is ready for download

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. STim

    STim Super Moderator

    Hi everyone -

    As part of our efforts to make Parallels Desktop for Mac even more stable and easier to use, we’re pre-releasing our next build for testing. This internal build publicly introduces several cool new enhancements and important bug fixes:

    * Shared Networking. This feature automatically gets your virtual machines online whenever your Mac has internet connection - be it via a hotel, airport or cafe Wi-Fi connection, at home using a dial-up, DSL or cable modem, or on the road with a GSM broadband card. This feature eliminates the complicated Bridged mode set up or using Host-Only networking with Internet Sharing when bridged mode is not possible. Additionally, this feature lets Parallels Desktop go online in the networks with PEAP security model in use.
    To enable Connection Sharing, start Parallels Desktop, load your VM configuration, click Network Adapter link and select "Connection Sharing" mode.

    * OS installation assistant. This feature helps you install Windows XP or Vista with a single click. Just enter your activation key and name, click finish, and...that’s it. The install assistant will do the rest - it will even install Parallels Tools for you.
    Please note, in Windows Vista you will still need to agree to new drivers installation.

    * Fix for "Eternal Poofs of Death" problem.

    * Fix for random guest OS freezes problem.

    * NumPad Enter key is Enter key again and is not AltGr anymore.

    * And many other minor fixes

    The build can be downloaded from here.

    As usual, we're extremely interested in your feedback about the new features and fixes introduced, so please let us know what you think.

    Best regards,
  2. Pleiades


    Does this mean that Vista has its own native Parallels Tools drivers now so I don't need to run the XP version in XP compatibility mode?
  3. workuser


    Using new Shared Network

    The new configuration appears to work well for traditional connections, but does not allow VPN access from the guest machine through the NAT to the outside. This worked in Bridged mode.

    Using Cisco VPN in Guest OS.
    Guset OS is XP
    Macbook Pro
  4. palter



    I was about to explain how to do this using a third party tool (IPNetRouterX). Guess I'll skip that for now.

    Let me ask a question about this feature: Can I configure the guests with static IP addresses? (I'm presuming, by default, they're getting IP addresses from your builtin DHCP server.)

    OK, two: If I use static IPs, what should I do about the DNS servers? (With IPNetRouterX, I can setup the Mac to act as a caching DNS server for the VM's.)
  5. Delphyne


    Bless you. This was driving me insane.
  6. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    It is still possible to make it AltGr using keyboard configuration file for those who need it.
  7. rickross


    Build 1966 crashes differently, more sudden and clear

    The good news was that after installing build 1966 I could once again start Parallels VMs on my 4Gb Mac Pro. The bad new is that after about an hour or so of running Windows XP (and at a moment when I wasn't doing anything at all) I got a hard crash on Mac OS X telling me I had to do a power-down restart.

    This was different from the lockups I have eventually experienced every other time I have run Parallels for any significant amount of time (greater than 15 minutes or so.) Previously the mouse would keep moving, but no windows in XP or Mac OSX would respond, and I could open SSH terminals to the machine from others on my network. This time it was sudden and clear - everything was halted.

    There must be logs I can paste in for someone to analyze, but I don't know which ones. If you can advise me what you'd like to see I will be happy to send it along.

  8. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers


    Our support team will contact you to get details and investigate your problem.
  9. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster


    I cannot work this out.

    What do you mean click on Network Adapter Link??????

    What link?


  10. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster

    Okay, ignore my email.

    I thought you meant start up the VM.........

    Found the link working so far.......


  11. scottmcdaniel


    I am *thrilled* to report that my 'epod' has ceased also, yay! Good work guys!
  12. whytyger


    Virtualization mode

    After upgrading, I could not seem to get Virtualization Mode to turn on with the usual "put to sleep and wake up" technique. However, after installing the the updated version of Parallels Tools, it turned on. I presume this is the correct behavior but it gave me a bad turn.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2006
  13. mkummer

    mkummer Bit Poster

    I dont see a change in the Enter key behviour. After installing and updating the Parallels Tools I dont get the Enter Key to act like promised...
  14. ithacalaw


    1966 has fixed sound VM to Mac problem

    I couldn't get a squeak out of my Mac with previous build. With 1966 it works beautifully. I still can't copy and paste from VM XPPro to particular applications on Mac Pro (ComChart/Word). Yet this has always worked for TextEdit and Mail. Why is this and why can't it be fixed? I would think it would be top priority - why do we purchase Parallels anyway if we can share text easily from one to the other. Also, Philips SpeechMike Pro still doesn't work as a microphone in VM XPro. However the trackball works in VM and the speaker can play from applications on VM! Why selective non functioning of microphone on VM when all else functions and the Philips driver is loaded. What micrphones do work. DNS9 is why I bought Parallels - so using a microphone and copying and pasting text are going to be the reason I continue or quit using this program.

  15. Michael



    I want to use network sharing and use the vm as a server from the host (using Safari to access a web infra not available on the Mac).
    In VMWare I can define a target ip to be routed to. Is this possible too?
  16. drjamesh


    1966 installed without incident. Dragon Sys. naturally speaking 9.0 still does not boot for me. 1928 was the last version that did.

    Thanks for working hard on these versions. Keep it up.

  17. scottdelap


    Re: New Network Options Not Enabled

    I see the new shared network option but both it and the host only mode option are disabled. I can only selected bridged on an existing VM. Suggestions?
  18. serv

    serv Parallels Developers

    to Michael

    Whatever networking mode you set your VM to it still gets an IP address assigned (except for problem cases). This means that you're always able to access your VM from the Mac. In "Shared Networking" mode your VM IP is most probably, but check your guest ipconfig (Windows) or ifconfig (Linux) output to be sure.

    to scottdelap

    Try rebooting your Mac. Sometimes OSX is unable to reload network drivers cleanly.
  19. pwith


    It appears that installing or updating Tools in this build does not work.

  20. mcg


    Wow, Shared Networking seems great. I can disconnect from the wired LAN, and when the Mac automatically switches to wireless, so does Parallels. And of course I can go in reverse, too. The Mac and the VM can communicate the same as before.

    So is there any reason whatsoever to use Host-Only Networking, unless you want to <i>prevent</i> the VM from having access to the Internet? In other words, is Shared Networking basically the equivalent of Host-Only plus a smarter Internet Connection Sharing system?

    Furthermore, now I have two Parallels adapters: Parallels Host-Guest Network (en2) and Parallels NAT (en3). Is that the way it's supposed to look? Should I delete the first one?

    Thanks guys, this is a great improvement for me.

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