Parallels Doesn't Like IMac?!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by WindowWiper, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. WindowWiper

    WindowWiper Bit poster

    I installed Parallels on my 20" IMac Intel machine, but when I try to start my XP VM, I get the "Curtain of Forced Reboot".

    What gives? Does this software not work with IMac's?

  2. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey Hunter

    I think you'll find without looking very hard at all that people in this forum are running parallels on their iMacs.

    You should probably post the specifics of your system (is it a core duo imac or a core 2 duo imac, for example), OS version, Parallels version, etc, if you'd like people to be able to help you.
  3. Mr SA

    Mr SA Member

    I'm guessing you're using the stable released Parallels version you bought on CD. You need a downloaded version of the beta/release candidate to support the Intel Core 2 Duo processor in the iMac. The latest at the time of posting is build 1922.

    Have a look here:
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  4. kgregc

    kgregc Member

    Ditto what Scott said. "My iMac don't work" is hardly enough info...

    I have a 17" 2.0Ghz, Core 2 Duo, 1Gb Ram, iMac running OS X 14.4.8 and Win XP Home runs just fine in Parallels (versions 1884 through the current 1922). I also run Ubuntu Linux in another VM on the same iMac. Parallels works....
  5. WindowWiper

    WindowWiper Bit poster


    My first post was more a general WTF out of frustration that the latest DOWNLOAD (not from a CD) from the Parallels site didn't work on my iMac while friends running it on their IMac pro's had no issues at all.

    My Mac stats:

    Core 2 Duo 2.16
    1 Gig Ram
    250 Gig HD

    I'm glad you guys are getting it to work on your machines. I'm a little frustrated that I can't get the main download from Parallels site running on mine though. Having to download a seperate patch from a seperate site that isn't linked from the main download page (or is not made blatently apparent) isn't a happy solution either, although I understand if that's what it is.

  6. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    The GA release predates the core 2 duo Macs. The current latest available build is still beta so it isn't available as a general download. I see this as appropriate.

    The latest build is working for many people with core 2 duo iMacs and Mac Pros. FWIW, many of us have found that 2 gig RAM is more practical than one gig if we want good performance, and several problems have been solved by adding RAM.

    Is it working for you now?

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