Parallels doesn't like Zune

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Mark Reddick, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Mark Reddick

    Mark Reddick

    Well, I picked up a Zune for research purposes and I have found that Parallels doesn't like it. I installed the Zune software in a Windows XP SP2 guest and that went fine. I connected the Zune and Parallels recognized it ok and the Zune software even saw it. But, a few seconds after the Zune software sees it, I get a BSOD and the guest reboots (I cannot even read the BSOD before it reboots). It seems that whatever the Zune software does shortly after it detects the Zune causes a problem.

    I have a Windows XP laptop and the Zune works fine on there. I would rather not have to use my laptop for my research though.

    BTW, the Zune isn't at all as elegant as an iPod. The interface is decent but it is still more confusing than an iPod's interface. My wife couldn't figure out how to get a video to play (and she owns a couple iPods).
  2. jkwuc89

    jkwuc89 Bit Poster

    The Zune review on the Engadget website indicates that the reviewer ran into all sorts of problems trying to install the Zune software on a regular XP install so it is not too surprising that it does not work well inside a Parallels VM.
  3. PubGuy


    Just read an article that says Vista is not compatible with the Zune ... so if there is that much incompatibility, it isn't really a Parallels problem.
  4. unused_user_name


    So all we have to do now is wait for Microsoft to release a Mac version of the Zune Software....

    [ /END SARCASM ]

    <--- not buying a Zune, too poor.
  5. kosh


    But with our luck MS would run their ad campaign as "Welcome to the anti-social." :rolleyes:
  6. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Bit Poster

    Parallels doesn't like Zune...

    It seems the obvious question is "who does?"
  7. shaneblyth


    it's hard to believe but it almost seems that MS wants Zune to fail I have heard a few reviewers comment in this way. Have you tried it on a standard PC someone you know or your work must have one and it would be interesting to see if it actually works there properly
  8. palmsolo


    I think the Zune is getting slammed by people who haven't really used it or else owned iPods before and are not really fans of Microsoft products. I was looking at either a 30GB iPod 5.5G or a Zune and picked up the Zune first. There are many excellent aspects of the Zune, including the simple usability, customization options (photo for background), FM radio with RDS support, durability (you can't scratch this thing), cool color scheme (I have the brown with green highlights), and large display for video playback. However, as a person with a small music collection the biggest factor was that Apple has no unlimited subscription service like the Zune does so I can get 2 million songs for $15 month rather than for $2 million.

    The Zune interface is simpler than an iPod and one way I tested this out was to hand my daughters (12, 10, and 7) the Zune and see how long it took them to play music, watch a video, check out photos, listen to the FM radio. They all picked it up and were doing everything in seconds and commented that this thing sure is easy to use. To watch video you simply scroll down to Video, press in on the center button, scroll to a video, press in and then select play and press in.

    I tried Parallels on my MacBook Pro and something in the Apple OS won't let go of the Zune via USB. I do however have the Zune software running like a champ in the Windows partition with Boot Camp.

    The Zune is available at a ton of retail stores with good return policies and if you want to honestly judge the device then I recommend you buy one and try it yourself and if it doesn't work for you then return it.
  9. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007

    No way for me. Even if the Zune is available here in Hong Kong (which it is not) I would never buy one. And I would recommend other people to stay away from it. The reason is that it is from Microsoft. That alone should be more than enough reason to avoid it. Not to mention the Zune software is in no way comparable to iTunes. I am perfectly satisfied with my iPods, thank you.

    I am using Windows XP (as my work requires) on my PC and will soon get a Core 2 Duo Macbook on which I will probably get Parallels to run. I have been badly burned by the Activation in previous Microsoft products and I have vowed not to pay Microsoft another cent of my money, which includes any product produced by them, be they software or hardware. Windows Vista and Office 2007 include piracy checks which may suddenly decide to lock you out if they decide you are running pirated software (even if you are not, if you do not believe it look for WGA ("Windows Genuine Advantage") on Google), and for this reason alone I will never upgrade to Windows Vista and any new version of Office. I will stay with XP (for which I have several legitimate copies) for as long as I can and may be it is time for me to try out some Linux distributions.

    In my opinion, Microsoft is simply not to be trusted anymore.:mad:

  10. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Bit Poster

    I haven't even seen a Zune. I have an iPod and 2 other non-iPod MP3 devices. I'm simply referring to the worse-than-lackluster sales of the device and some bad reviews I've read out of curiosity. I'd be glad to read a "why Zune is so much better than iPod" review but I haven't seen one yet.

    From what I have read: You can wirelessly send a song from your Zune to another Zune. But you can't move a song wirelessly from your Zune to your PC or vice-versa. And that song you sent to the other Zune will automatically be erased after 3 days whether you want it to be erased or not. That's enough to make the wireless "feature" practically useless, or maybe worse than useless if your MP3 player automatically deletes songs from itself. The Microsoft store has about 1/3 to 1/2 the music content of the iTunes store, no Podcasts, no TV shows, and no movies. The Zune player software won't play many types of files that MS Media Player will play, so you're left using 2 apps to do one job. The Microsoft label on the device is just icing on the cake. But maybe there are some great things that make up for these shortcomings that many people (including me) are missing?
  11. javester


    Uuugghh... tried a Zune and am staying away from it, and I strongly advise everybody to do the same.

    Still, don't take my word for it. If you must, buy one as PalmSolo suggested and see for yourself.

    You'll have 30 days to try it out and see how it compares with the iPod.

    Even Paul Thurott of Windows Supersite fame dissed the Zune. I've yet to see any of the big technology pundits (Thurott, Beer, Laporte, Dvorak, etc.) give it any props.

    Heck, just a few weeks after its release, its now just #17 in Amazon's MP3 list, with eight iPod variants in the top 10.

    If you must be a contrarian and get a non-Apple MP3 player, buy a Sansa or a Creative to send a message to Microsoft.

    And when you do return it (and I assure you, nine times out of ten, people will), it will further punish Microsoft for coming up with such a poor alternative.
  12. Fofer


    No, it works fine

    Before y'all breathe down my neck, the Zune was a GIFT, okay?

    Anyway, just wanted to report that, despite what every forum/blog comment on the web seems to insist, the Zune does, indeed work fine with an Intel Mac, running Parallels.

    Perhaps this latest beta (and it's improved USB 2.0 support) was the piece of the puzzle everyone else was missing. I installed the software, plugged in the Zune when prompted, and went on my way.

    Unfortunately the Zune's "Watch Folder" feature doesn't recognize folders made available by Parallel's "Shared Folder," so I need to manually drag in the media files.
  13. HWgeek


    Zune is a zero

    Well at least Parallels has the good taste to reject incompatible hardware ;-)
    Pretty impressive coding trick ;-)

    Can you try Zune under any other flavor of M$ ?? or is it OS version specific??
  14. STim

    STim Super Moderator

    Yep. Working with Zune is not possible with OS X 10.4.7 and Parallels Desktop 3106 combination.

    Just wait till next public release - Zune already works with OS X 10.4.8 and Parallels Desktop 31XX here internally ;)
  15. Stevamundo


    Why do you tease us like this? Just release 2.5 build 31XX already! :D

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