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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sarahe, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. sarahe

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    I was wondering that if Parallels could be used for Web Designing and Development, is it a good choice for Developers, as we are running a web designing company in Dubai, our entire work is carried out on Windows or Ubuntu. And Literally to say that we are in a mess trouble with these OS are not much smooth to perform well.
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  2. JessicaB3

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    If parallel could be used for web designing company in Dubai, I think it will be a great innovation as it will perform well as compare to windows and Ubuntu.I am a writer at thesis writing services in Pakistan so i don't have enough knowledge about designing so this platform is giving a lot of information about parallel and designing
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  3. JuliaR4

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    What is parallel in web designing? I am a writer at cheap essay writing service, and i got an essay to write on "parallel for web designing" so i thought it would be easy for me to ask directly from heer. Can you help me by answering my problem? thanks
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  4. FutureW2

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    How can Parallels help in Improving web designing? I owned Web site. Please do Suggest me how can it be improved.
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  5. FutureW

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    Hoping someone can help! how I am facing problem in installing window 10 in Parallels for Desktop 11, please guide me through
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  6. damponting44

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    Please refer this link :
  7. RichardD16


    I have read that Parallels 11 pro edition is perfect for both the designing and development and I will soon give it a try!
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  8. Mak Burns

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    My cousin recently became owner Web site. First of all, We need to improve the web designing. Please advise the most effective ways or maybe suggest who can I contact with? Thanks

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