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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by nanwat, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. nanwat


    hi there
    i am a newbie 2 this forum but i checked it out ++ before deciding to purchase parallels instead of bootcamp OR a pc. it seems to be the best decision 4 our purposes although i have only just installed it .
    i have owned macs for around 15 yrs . this time I came Sooooo..... close to buying a pc - had even had decided on what to buy after doing extensive pc reseach YUK :( after having my fingers burnt severely with that utterly appaulling win 98 virtual pc s/w :mad: I vowed then NEVER to buy another mac if i had to run windows s/w. i did h/ever buy another mac butit has always been difficult being a mac user in a pc world. i have bitten the bullet & purchased parallels HOPING i can get the support i need to sort out a few issues as the migration to an iontel mac from my G5 was flawless & an absolute cinch. EVERYTHING came across perfectly but i am having some problems with Win XP Home & my printer (have read the posts so will try bonjour)
    parallels is very fast, choherence is cool and i love the fact that you don't have to reboot the computer so thnx team 4 a product which is SUCH an improvement on what i have used before:) you have SAVED me from converting to "the other side" which i didn't want to do, just as macs seem to be gaining some credibility with pc users. it will hopefully allow me to successfully use the very FEW pc applications i need to run :)
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    I second that.

    Using 2s and 4s for words and leaving little space between paragraphs while adding smileys to text makes it so hard to read. I don't know why people do it.

    But be that as it may, welcome to the forum, original poster. Please try to be more eloquent.
  4. nanwat


    Thanks Andrew for at least giving me some information about what I did that was so offensive and now that I know I will certainly endeavour to improve my posts. I was and still am very hurt and upset by Ozy's post which made me cry. I am worried about all my technical problems enough without his utter rudeness and lack of insight into what it might be like for a lay person with limited technical skills . I thought is was a cruel and unkind post , partiularly when I stated that I was new to this forum and it was my first post. If you hadn't posted something polite and helpful I would never have come back .
    However, I have to press on as I desperately need help to get my windows side working as our business depends on it and I am getting worried as I have wasted so much time trying to get it sorted.
  5. dkp


    Nanwat - You did pretty well so don't be too upset over a bit of rudeness. There's not shortage of it on the Internet. And I agree with you that Parallels is great. It has a few issues that need some tweaking but that is just about always true for a new release. Welcome to Club Parallels and enjoy your new Parallels-driven opportunities. It's been a fun product to use and it will certainly get better and better.

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