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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by biglar, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. biglar

    biglar Kilo Poster

    Parallels Mobile is now in the Iphone apps store and it is free.

    I have loaded it and it runs well.
    One thought: In the beta test I could not get the app to sync with my Mac username.
    I found out that you must use the name found in Terminal-->whoami

    If your user name does not work, open Terminal on your Mac side and type in whoami
    You will see the user name that you must use. It may not be the same username as when you log on your mac. In my case I had two names in my username and in terminal they were run together, so the username in Parallels Mobile must be run together.

    Also, use the IP address for your network found in System Preferences-->network on your Mac side.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I downloaded the hotfix released last night and no problems. Some of the glitches in the earlier application (cut and paste, coherence windows taking focus, etc. are solved.) Hope this solves a lot of problems discussed in the forums.
  2. likegadgets


    I downloaded the app to the the iphone. I have no idea what to put in as host, user or password to make it work. Have tried evert combo I can think of, including the whoami name. Are there detailed instructions anywhere other than the summary in the app store? thanks
  3. rstrauss


    For host, go to System Preferences => Network and use the IP address of the wireless network your computer is using. For username, use the username derived from "whoami" from Terminal. For password, use the password you use whenever you install software on your mac. Be sure to save your work. Then select the host IP address shown on your phone and it will immediately connect. You will see a thumbnail of your computer screen (which is kinda cool but useless), and you will be able to pause, suspend, reboot, or shut down your VM. It basically becomes a remote control for shutting down parallels. Cool, but not sure when I would ever use it.
  4. jmanos3

    jmanos3 Bit Poster

    I can confirm that the mobile app is working as advertised on the iPhone 2.1 software.

    Has anyone tried the app with iPhone 2.2 software that Apple released on Friday?
  5. rstrauss


    Yes, it works on 2.2 without a hitch. One other caution for likegadgets, even if you have the right configuration, it won't work unless you select "Allow connections from iPhone" in Parallels Desktop => Preferences.
  6. engrProf


    Is this secure?
  7. John@Parallels


    It is using secure connection on port 64001
  8. vendor3


    your information seemed like it should work. i used the terminal usrname, my password and the ip from the network side of my mac and i still get "host can not be found" ...anyother sugestions? thanks
  9. larbij


    parallel mobile wont work on iphone

    I have tried everything the instructions stated. I put in my IP address where it says host, i put my username and the correct password. Its keeps saying cannot connect to host. I went into the parallel desktop settings and put allow connections from iphone and still nothing. Please give me some advice on what i should do to get my parallel mobile to work.
  10. David M

    David M

    The mobile app seems to have gone missing from the app store. Anyone know what happened to it?
  11. ❕❗️

    ❕❗️ Bit Poster

    You have to use the IP address of the network, not the one of your Mac.

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