Parallels ONLY installing/running under safe boot on Mac Pro w2GB?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Ernie Soffronoff, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Ernie Soffronoff

    Ernie Soffronoff

    OK, my Mac Pro can actually run Parallels RC, but ONLY under safe boot.

    A regular boot kernel panics in the installer at the end of installation.

    Rebooting, my machine will kernel panic again when the Finder launches.

    A safe boot will let my machine boot fine, and I can run the uninstaller. A regular boot then works fine.

    If I try to install during safe boot, I am able to completely install with no problem.

    If I try to run under the same safe boot when I installed, I can install Windows in Parallels and everything is just fine.

    If I try to reboot after having used Paralllels in safe boot, I get a kernel panic when the Finder starts.

    What a pain... anyone know what might be conflicting with Parallels? My machine is otherwise fast and stable.

    I checked my startup folders and they're very clean. About the only thing I see in there is Parallels and my Cisco VPN client.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. oliverlangan


    Having exactly the same problem

    I also have kernel panics on install and subsequently on (Mac OS) boot. I also have the Cisco VPN software installed.

    Mac Pro 266, 1gB RAM, stock 10.4.7.

  3. jelevy


    Sorry guys, I have a similar setup w/ no VPN client and I and still getting the kernel panic.

    2.66 2GB RAM
  4. keithpritchard


    Well parallels was crashing for me on install so I spent the last few days doing serious detective work.

    I narrowed the problem down to cisco vpn.

    When the cisco vpn (universal) kernel extension was loaded, my machine would panic on shutdown... it would also panic during parallels install at the "running parallels install script" bit.

    Removing completely cisco vpn allowed the parallels install to complete and I actually got windows running in it (after many panics :/ )

    So.... as far as Im concerned, there's something fundamentally broken in cisco VPN on the mac pro BUT even when removed, I suffer the same as everyone else, parallels crashes when windows starts, when windows stops (if it didnt crash when it started) etc.

  5. keithpritchard


    yeah but crash during parallels install? or during windows install into parallels vm?
  6. buzzdat


    Cisco vpn caused me no end of problems when installed - consistently rebooting on startup. It worked fine until my first reboot, so was a real bummer to isolate as the cause. Booted off of CD and removed relevant files from /Library/StartupItems.

    This fact is very poorly documented on the Cisco web site - I only stumbled across it by googling when trying to isolate the problem.
  7. Paul Linden

    Paul Linden

    You can use OS X's built in VPN to connect to Cisco VPNs. I uninstalled the CIsco client totally when I found out I could do this. Set it up from Internet Connect - you don't need your group name/password if you've already connected once, from any computer, to the VPN.

    Connecting is a bit flakey, sometimes it can take me 5 or 6 attempts to establish the connection, but I'm willing to live with selecting the VPN icon on my menu bar a few times, to avoid using Cisco's client.

    By the way, I'm doing this on an iMac, but it should work on the Mac Pro (famous last words)

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