Parallels snapshots or btrfs/ZFS ones?

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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on use of snapshots under either Mint or OpenSuSE? I can see a couple of possibilities - use Parallels snapshots, use ZFS for data and snapshot it, or use btrfs and snapshot it. I suppose you could also add EXT4 with LVM as a candidate.
    Any experience with data size, data security, data loss under any of these?
  2. No thoughts on it?
    Guess I will use native linux solutions (ifs and/or btrfs).
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    The Snapshots feature in Parallels should not be seen as a backup method (there is no redundancy) nor a protection against data corruption.

    What Snapshots in Parallels is good for is things like trying new software, tweaking and testing things having the ability to roll back to previous state. I would advise against staking lots of snapshots sequentially without eventually merging at some point, because the lack of redundancy will mean that any data corruption in one of the snapshots will invalidate the next snapshots in sequence.
  4. Thanks - thats about as I expected ... I now am using ZFS with a Mint VM under Parallels - only problem is throughput since it is USB. I am also a bit nervous about running backups thru the Parallels USB interface as I have had issues in the past. I'll give it a month then do a scrub and see how it looks.
    Maybe I will just have to keep backing up using OpenZFS on Mac OS -- if I can get a release for Mojave.

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