Parallels Support doesn't respond - absolutely worthless!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by caesartheday, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. caesartheday


    This isn't the first thread of this nature, but it's starting to border on ridiculous.

    I've had Parallels Desktop for Mac for almost a year and things have been working rather nominally until the recent upgrade.
    I upgraded Parallels to the recent 3.0 version as suggested and the upgrade went fine. That's when I started to get errors about startup drivers, version conflicts, etc.

    Following the advice of Parallels, I unintalled previous versions and re-installed the new one. Install went w/o a hitch. Now however my License Key doesn't work. I bought the software for $80 bucks and I can't use it.
    I sent 3 emails to Parallels support to verify the license key and look at the problem - NO RESPONSE!
    I also tried to get the temp 15 day keys just so I can get to the guest OS to retrieve some financial data that I badly need - NO RESPONSE!! This shit should be automated - especially the temp license keys!!

    I'm hoping that someone who is a moderator will read this and respond. This is completely ridiculous. I've sent multiple emails and all I need is to launch the damned guest OS once to get my stuff and never use Parallels again! I'm sending all my issues to and I suggest that all of you who aren't getting support for a PAID product do the same.

    Maybe someone will help.

    At this point I'm looking for a miracle.

  2. nwgray


    Still waiting for mine as well. I hope support and order fulfillment catch up soon. I purchased in December and have the email that states I receive free upgrade proctection for one year. I have sent three emails to support and orders but haven't received a single response from anyone.
  3. dkp


    Are you using both your original key and your new 3.0 key?
  4. Slakerr


    I sent my fourth email earlier today :( still no reply at all

    Absolutely shocking service. All I want is the update key I was promised in my original purchase email receipt.

    Were we not supposed to get this key within a week of v.3 being released ?
  5. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Hello Slakerr
    Please, check your PM
  6. cmurphy


    I also need a new registration/Serial key for the newest release. I have had 0 responses, and am pretty close to researching other solutions for our OS X development environment.

    Just bought this, upgraded to leopard, installed parallels and it didn't work. Updated to newest build and it says my key is invalid. thats bullshit.
  7. Roaster


    Welcome to those who recently noticed that there is no support at all ;-) There once was a time where some Parallel stuff posted into the old forum which was shut down and replaced with this new forum.

    This way they got rid of some negative postings from annoyed customers in the first way. Afterwards we didn't met anybody of the staff again until angry customers posted their complaints here again.

    This has been some weeks or months before and now we again reached a point where official replies or support herein simply lacks - more than ever. Some new Parallels staff persons posted frequently before, but you won't encounter them currently. IMO it was just one or two persons who used different logins to show regularly presence.

    OTH we were promised an update for Parallels Workstation almost a year before and nothing happened besides a half-hearted update some weeks ago. I personally feel ripped off when buying the Windows version of Parallels. Nothing new here since months and I don't believe we won't ever see a version 3 for Windows.

    So guys, come on, it is absolutely useless to complain about Parallels again and again, just don't buy there software. Good alternate products are out there some of them are free of charge.
  8. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello everybody,

    Parallels Team is sorry for losing sight of the thread for such a long time.
    I could not find a ticket created by any of you in our base. Could you please let me know the addresses you used to make the requests? Please send them in Private Messages.
    I would also appreciate you specifying your current Serial key and Order ID or Reference Number for online purchase via PM.

    Best regards,
  9. Roaster



    it's certainly not only a matter of late responses to support tickets or anything like this. It is also a problem of Parallels in general that we are waiting for updates especially the Workstation users.

    The last major version has been release almost a year before and besides small bugfixes in a single release some months ago we didn't get any new features.

    This is unacceptable! It seems that in the first run the Windows customers filled the cash box of Parallels and were dropped like a hot potato afterwards to finance the Mac version.

    When will we definitely an update to version 3? we want some facts and not some dumb phrases again. As far as I remember we were told that the is a single code base for Mac and Windows to ease the release of new versions at almost the same time. So where is version 3 for Windows and of course Linux?

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