parallels to vmware fusion disk image conversion

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by akidd, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. akidd

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    Is there a simple way?

    I love the promise of Parallels - have been a user since the first beta. But honestly it appears 3.0 has taken a serious step backwards for a lot of users. I am so frustrated with the crashing, resource usage, and features that just don't seem to work well. Before fanboys bash me - just look at the forums. They are crammed with more "it doesn't work" messages.

    Several buddies are using VMWare and claim it isn't perfect either but significantly more robust. I bought the pre release price license and I'm going to kick the tires.

    Parallels guys it would be great to see you succeed. IMHO 3.0 was the first without the broad, "public" beta and has been more problematic (to many users like myself). Perhaps being more open might be a resource drain in capturing feedback but the compatibility testing results anecdotally seem to indicate it was better for previous releases.
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    God I Wish There Were A Digg Button Here To Digg You Up!
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    Sorry, but I had to remove this link. Our moderation policy treat such posts as competition advertisement. (Edited by Andrew @ Parallels)
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    I find this policy troubling. I use both products, and I provided a link providing the technical information that the OP requested. Users of both your product and that of your competitor are best served by more information, not less. Indeed, a lack of information seems to be among the major complaints voiced on this forum.

    To the OP, you can find the information you're looking for on the VMWare Fusion beta forum. Good luck.
  5. wingdo

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    I would try using google.

    Perhaps looking for words like "convert parallels disk to fusion" or something like that.

    You'd probably find several non vmware links (perhaps even rated as high as ooooo say #2).

    I'd also give PD another week or so, from the sound of things, an updated release is imminent.
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  6. akidd

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    Thanks Wingdo but I'm not finding anything that doesn't involve massive amount of work...

    Funny how competitive links are so quickly removed but questions about real problems go unanswered or even acknowledge for so long...

    ah priorities...
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    Indeed. Keep it up Andrew!

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