Parallels Tools: Could be used to eventually natively install Windows?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Athas, May 12, 2023.

  1. Athas

    Athas Bit poster

    Hey there!

    Just a curious tinkerer with a rather open-ended question.
    I'm looking for anyone with actual knowledge of how Parallels works and the current limitations of "foreign" OS's being installed on Apple Silicon Macs.
    (Parallels Devs, Microsoft Software Engineers, the average somewhat knowledgeable tinkerer like myself, etc.)

    From what I've seen, the Parallels Tools program and related content installed in a Windows 10/11 VM provides all the drivers/adapters necessary to make Windows happy. I also know currently we have the ability to install Linux onto Apple Silicon Macs

    So what exactly is stopping someone from (with permission from any necessary entities) using the research done by Parallels to create legitimate drivers for Windows on Apple Silicon?
    Is that even remotely achievable, and if not, what would it take to become possible?
    I love the performance of my 13" M1 Macbook Pro, but I really miss having BootCamp. I used to be able to do quite a lot of gaming on the go, ranging from No Man's Sky to Star Wars Battlefront II (2005), the latter of which I thankfully can still do thanks to Parallels. But I definitely miss the freedom of a native Windows install.

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