Parallels Tools "error" on install.

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  1. Nathanl1192


    I have recently installed Parallels Desktop 6, and have windows 7 running on it.

    When I try to install Parallels Tools, a little while into the install The progress bar starts moving backwards, and above it states "rolling back action".

    It then gives an error message reading "An error occurred while installing Parallels Tools" and forces a reboot on me. I then try again as it suggests and the same problem happens. I was fine with Parallels 5, but upgraded as speed was needed, to find it is now almost unusable without parallels tools.

    I have done the following to try and trouble shoot:
    - Uninstalled previous versions
    - Made sure I have no anti-virus
    - Copied off the disk and run as administrator.
    - Rebooted many times

    Please give me help!! Any other information, just ask!

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