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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Aries@PF, Aug 9, 2022.

  1. Aries@PF

    Aries@PF Kilo Poster

    So it looks like you guys quietly launched it, but the price for upgrades is $20 higher ($69) than the previous versions the last few years. The original price appears to be higher as well ($119), so I'm guessing that's why. Are we to expect the $49 offers again or are we now at the new price point?
  2. PhilipR2

    PhilipR2 Bit Poster

    If I upgrade to Parallels Pro does the $49 payment cover the subscription or is it to be added to what I already pay for Parallels (upgraded to 18)?
  3. Aries@PF

    Aries@PF Kilo Poster

    If you're on v16/v17 and choose the upgrade to v18, then you'll be paying an additional $69 (no longer $49 according to site) for the v18 license.
  4. Biagio Paruolo

    Biagio Paruolo Bit Poster

    It's free If you have a subscription active.
  5. keng3

    keng3 Bit Poster

    I have an new active subscription on para17 but I have been upgraded to a trial version - will not recognise my key - what can I do - HELP!
  6. FrankP15

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    Asking €69 instead of €49 for an upgrade is outrageous.

    You can clearly see that you should be forced into a subscription.

    For me version 17 is the last version.

    As long as it still works I'll use it.

    After that it's over with Parallels for me.
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