Parallels v3.0 - Bootcamp error - More than one windows partition found?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by gtjuggler, Jun 8, 2007.

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    Hey all,

    I have a working bootcamp setup on my mac pro, and today I just installed v3 (never had parallels touch my bootcamp partition before today, I just never got around to it)

    I get this error when making a new vm with the bootcamp partition selected as the hard disk.

    "More than one Windows partitions are found. This is not a standard Boot Camp configuration. Please refer to the user guide blah blah , to see how to configure a vm in case of a non-standard boot camp configuration on your Macintosh computer."

    Um...? I do indeed have another ntfs partition on my second harddrive, but it doesnt have an OS on it, its just a data drive (but i did, a long time ago, make that ntfs partition using the boot camp setup assistant.. maybe its confused?) How do i proceed?
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    Re: More than one Windows partition found?

    The advise on this link works if you understand what is happening. Personally, I was hoping that this was just a temporary fix from parallels that would have more streamlined in their latest upgrade (certainly in a "paid-for" version upgrade..) because at the moment it is flawed in either the way Parallels sees the hardrives or OSX sees them.. (I expect the latter is giving problems).
    I still have problems applying the workaround mentioned above in that if I reboot my machine for any reason I have a 50/50 chance that I have to reapply it again. My external FAT32 partition has a will of its own and will be either /dev/disk1s2 or /dev/disk/disk2s2 so after a reboot it will be one or the other.
    With Parallels 2.x this would give me the error that the original poster gave.. so I would just do a "df" at terminal then change my pvs file for XP. Since upgrading to 3.0 I don't get an error, it just goes into a blue screen cycle... I know what is happening so I can just change my pvs file, but I can see how this could be frustrating to someone who isn't as familiar as myself..
    I am quite familiar with this problem now, so pehaps if you explain what your particular set up is.. and I may be able to help you with some workarounds until Parallels come up with a smoother solution.
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