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Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by NadineK, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. NadineK

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    Hey guys! I've purchased parallels, everything worked well but since today the window (windows) which should appear on my mac desktop, is not opening big, just in that small size (see the attached picture). do you know why? doesn't matter what i'm doing it's not getting big again and due to that i can't see the windows explorer etc. thank you:)

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  2. Hemnath@Parallels

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    Hello @NadineK. The small window you're referring to is the Control Center window, which simply displays the virtual machines you're using under Parallels Desktop. It's a part of the Parallels Desktop application and is not Windows itself. Right now, Windows is probably running in Coherence mode. You can disable this by clicking on the Parallels icon (which looks like 2 red lines) in the Mac menu bar on the top of the screen and navigating to View -> Exit Coherence.
  3. MarcI2


    This started happening today to me and it is ruining my ability to open Windows 11, open my tax software and file today. Parellels opens to a small Control center window with Windows 11 on the right with a power and a setting icon and that's it. I get this might be some "coherence" mode - but for the love of God make it easy to turn this garbage OFF - I have hours to do taxes and cannot even use Parallels in this manner and turning off Coherence mode should not be obfuscated from users. This whole experience means I am dumping Parallels for another VM.

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