Parallels won't complete installation of WinXP

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by bensummer, May 2, 2007.

  1. bensummer

    bensummer Bit poster

    I just bought a MacBookPro (running 10.4.9), installed Parallels on it, and attempted to create a Windows XP vm with my XP installation CD. None of the installation types (Express, Typical, Custom) work. Custom installation (which is what I really want) gets to the Installation section of the Windows Setup and just sits there forever saying that it should take another 39 minutes to complete. The little green squares in the installer continue to flash so it's not like it "freezes".

    Things I've tried:
    - Deleting and retrying the creation of the XP installation (same issue)
    - Using a CD cleaning tool to the clean the XP install CD and trying again (same issue)
    - Creating an ISO from the XP installation CD and trying to install with Parallels using that ISO (same issue)
    - Express or Typical install types: Express gets a Setup error/pop-up (which I'll post here shortly), Typical hangs like Custom.

    What I'm planning to do:
    - Try and install some other OS on there (Fedora or Solaris) to make sure this isn't some Apple/Parallels issue.

    Any ideas?
    What other information should I provide?

  2. VTMac

    VTMac Pro

    Have you ever used this XP disc successfully? It's not uncommon to occasionally get a bad CD.
  3. bensummer

    bensummer Bit poster

    Yeah, definitely. I used it to install XP on a machine very recently. In fact, it's what I used to install my current desktop machine (which I use most of the day).
  4. David5000

    David5000 Pro

    The first thing I would try is making a disk image of the XP installer disk and install from that.

  5. sidssp

    sidssp Hunter

    You might want to do a memory test first. I have seen many freeze and crash caused by bad memory. Try download the free tool MemTest. It does a good job.
  6. bensummer

    bensummer Bit poster

    I did that (I listed it in the things I tried). It didn't work; gave me the same results.
  7. atlanticbaron

    atlanticbaron Bit poster

    I experienced the same problem today. I fixed the problem by uninstalling Parallels and then going to documents and deleting the Parallels folder that the Window XP Folder which among other things contains the XP partition and all the other XP files.

    This worked ok for me - use this at your own risk, but I see no potentail problems.
  8. Drewdilly

    Drewdilly Bit poster

    Were you able to resolve your issue? I just picked up a copy of Parallels and was experiencing the same issue while trying about 80% of the fixes you implemented. Hope everything worked out.

  9. denitu

    denitu Bit poster

    Difficulty installing Win XP

    I am experiencing the same issues trying to install WinXP on a new MacBook Pro.

    I too have tried all of these methods. Frustratingly, each new wipe of the VMs and attempts to install Win XP from scratch gets a little further. Yesterday, the installation process hung at "Installing devices". Today, I can get through the licensing and regional settings of Win installation for it only to hang afterwards.

    I submitted a ticket to the support email address yesterday so there's a few more working days to go before hearing back.
  10. mtt727

    mtt727 Bit poster

    problem solved for me

    I had a similar problem. In my case, I had a previous installation (Vista) that was suspended but would come up when I started Parallels. The solution for me was to close this suspended VM before proceeding with installation of XP.
  11. Fing

    Fing Bit poster

    I have a new MacBook pro 10.4.9 (& all the updates)
    I installed Parallels (2.2) then XP Pro sucessfully and easiliy..
    I then updated to 3188, and it cashed into the black screen of death when i attempted to install the new tools..... so i deleted the VM and tried to install XP pro again but i couldn't get past about the 24 min mark... it would either just stall or reboot back into setup, so many times i now know the cd verification code off by heart.....

    so i deleted the lot (wasn't that a saga! apparently the uninstaller doesn't... see the FAQ for more details) and reinstalled the original version of Parallels (2.2) and then XP then XP SP2 no problems..just a waste of 5 hours....i'm now trying to decide if i want to try the upgrade to 3188 again ........?..( prob not......after reading all this) so the prob appears to be with 3188?

  12. fmfosnacht

    fmfosnacht Junior Member

    SAME Problem being experienced on a Mac PRo with RAID 0

    I have the same problem. I have successfully installed Parallels on an imac and a macbook and they are very solid. I get the 39 minute crash still after repeated attempts. I am thinking in my case it may be due to the raid. Any ideas?
  13. fmfosnacht

    fmfosnacht Junior Member

    More details on same XP install problem on a Mac Pro

    I just purchased a MacPRo 3 ghz 4 core with 4 Gig of Ram, 2/750 gig drives in bays 1 and 2 striped RAID 0 (Mirroring) via SW (OSX Diskutility). I have the Nvidea GE Force 7300 GT card.

    I am trying to run Parallels 3188 (1024 Meg, 32 Gig hard drive). Win XP install hangs during the installation of windows shortly after copying all of the files to the hdd. I get to the screen that says 39 minutes left to install windows and the install seems to stop... I have used Paralles on both an iMAc and my Macbook and it runs fine - very solid.

    I am very confused about the current stability issues I see on this board with the MAC PRo. Can I run parallels on a my new machine?!! What is the current status?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!
  14. Resolver

    Resolver Member

    Hello !

    Looks like windows cannot be installed directly from CD

    As I understood , you already installed Parallels Desktop and now you
    are trying to perform next step - windows installation.
    There are 2 ways of windows installation :

    -installation from CD
    -installation from Image File

    As far , you have tried CD installation and it did not work . It sometimes
    happens with our customers due to quality differences of data recorded
    to installation CD. Also Apple Cd -Dvd rom drives work differently in comparison to PC drives.
    Most obvious reason is that your CD might have some dirt or grease on its surface -> that is why data is not read well while installation process.

    The solution for this problem is to make an Image of CD and install
    Windows OS from image file.

    I will attach PDF guidelenes to you how to do it :

    Also note ! When doing step #3: Select that CD from the Disk Utility device list. Look at the picture very attentively and choose CD icon with untitled message on it.

    Once image creatin process is finished , run Parallels
    Select Os window will popup- click CUSTOM -> NEW next->
    Now you will be working with OS installation screen:

    Go through all steps until you reach the last option where is written :

    Insert Windows XP installation CD into the CD/DVD-ROM reader and click finish button to proceed

    I want you to hit triangle with more options

    There you choose the source to install Windows XP from

    --->Real CD-DVD
    --->ISO image


    click finish - > enjoy installation process !!!
  15. fmfosnacht

    fmfosnacht Junior Member

    Creating Image file of Windows Install CD did not solve the problem

    I made the ISO image of the Windows install CD. The windows install ran fast... and then hung at 13-14 minutes left to go... Although this time I made it farther. Made it through devices, network, copying files, completing installation, and registering components... then froze.

    I have tried both a fixed and expanding hdd.

    Need more ideas!

    Last edited: May 27, 2007
  16. Fing

    Fing Bit poster


    I can understand the issues with the CD install, but my problem is that i can install from the CD using 2.2 but cannot when using 3188. so this would cancel out any CD reading issues.(haven't tried the iso image yet with 3188)

    as i said..looks like 3188 is sick....
  17. fmfosnacht

    fmfosnacht Junior Member

    Installed from an ISO image... Now have blue screen of Death

    Well, I have gotten Windows installed. I created the ISO image from the installation CD. It ran twice to about 13 minutes and then hung. I rebooted the mac, and the first thing I did was recreate the hdd and try to install. It ran clean and windows is up and running.

    My current problem is instability. For instance when trying to install quicken I get the Blue screen msg flying by and then a reboot.

    Ideas on next steps?
  18. dkaye

    dkaye Junior Member

    Same problem here. Have tried with both XP Home and XP Professional. Build 3188. I have a previous VM running Vista that's working fine. It was created using an earlier build.

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