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Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by Kuldip, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Kuldip

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    I had registered my Parallels Desktop 8 on Jul6 26, 2013 from a certain email id which is currently defunct and I have no access to. I do not remember my password for the Parallels account and was wondering if I can register the same product on a different email id (although upon trying i got an email form you saying I can't). Alternately, I would like to merge the two accounts, or delete the older one and activate the key on the current one - whatever works.

    Of course all of this is because I want to upgrade to the latest version of the Parallels (11) and I'm afraid that the software will ask me for my password for he same once I try to upgrade - a password that I do not remember and one that I no longer have access to via password recovery.

    Please Help

    P.S. I have the original box with the key, installation CD and everything.
  2. ManojK@Parallels

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    Please reply to our personal message for further assistance.
  3. TorO

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    I have got a new Mac and cannot find the find the key to activate Paralells 11 on it so I'm currently using the demo version.
    Is it possible to get the the key once more?
  4. ManojK@Parallels

    ManojK@Parallels Parallels Support

    Please check and reply your private message from us so that we can assist you further.
  5. Hey, we've sent you the license key in private message, please check.
  6. LorraineJ1

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    My Parallels original account was signed up using an Email address which is no longer available to me. I have a Parallels 12 sign in window on my desktop requesting me to sign in. BTW, I have Parallels 10 or ll, not 12. When I request the password, which I have forgotten, I get a message saying the new password will be sent to the defunct Email address, which will do me no good since I can't access that account. Please tell me how to straighten this out.
    Many thanks
  7. PaulChristopher@Parallels

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    Hi, please check your private message and reply us.

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